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When it comes to fashion, I always have this enormous fixation for it. I dont know how this came along but ever since I develop such obsession, I somehow see things in a different way. The reason why I am saying this is because for a person like me who doesn't wear watches, now.. I see watches as a use of accessories. It doesn't matter women or men watches, as long as it's watches, you can wear it anyway you want. 

It's pretty amazing how sometimes when you ask a person to name any sort of watch, even I myself would say Rolex, and then continue on the brand names that I could think off.

For all the watch lover out there, or perhaps specifically Rolex fans out there, would know that The Rolex Datejust dial was among the first models to be manufactured by Rolex. Though it was first, it has been triumphed in sales over and over again by the Oyster. The Oyster was created in 1926 by a group of engineers who wanted to try something different. The Oyster boasts of a number of watched under its belt.

The remarkable thing about the Oyster is that it has not changed since the manufacture of the first watch of its kind. It has been able to stand the test of time by being palatable through every generation and with the changes in fashion and what is considered popular in and out of every season.

TheOyster is worn by some men although it is more popular with the ladies. Well this is because the intriguing  design and the high quality that allows any woman to use it as an accessory, which is the exact same perception I have, and without needing numerous other pieces of jewelry to accentuate it when it is worn with any outfit.

It can be said that the Roles Oyster is the best Roles watch in the history of all watches. The popularity of the Oyster does not mean, however, that the datejust has been cast aside. In fact, people often look for any used Roles Datejust that is available for them to own one. The are a few factors that one needs to consider before they decide on buying a used Rolex watch. Some of the major factors are:

1. The tightness of the band
2. The material that is used on the dials
3. The original add-ons on the watch and the papers that were accompanying the watch from the store.

These factors are paramount in making the decision of which watch to buy and at what price.

However, there is no need of worrying because at Swiss Wrist, an individual is able to buy a good Rolex watch, whether an Oyster or an Datejust, whether used or new.

 Swiss Wrist sells various range of Rolex watches from Men's watches to Women, to Sports model, to their DLC/PVD Models.

Men's Rolex Watches
 photo Desktop1_zps3cd86f53.jpg

Women's Rolex Watches
 photo Desktop1-001_zps8c4c57da.jpg

Check out , for more details and information about the price and watches :)

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