Live on the Journey

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Have you ever heard before that, love dont come easily.
Once you have caught it, dont ever let it go.
Because once you slip it away, 
You can never get it back.

I have lost interest in ...Love.

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The Day Of God's Wrath

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I am pretty sure maybe some of you might have seen this really scary, fugly, fierce and the-i-wanna-eat-you , red devil , vampire /zombie picture at my facebook . I bet i freaked the hell out of you guys with the make up hahahahah.

It was indeed the PJCAD's fashion show. Alice text me during my Malacca trip and asked me whether i could help her out. When there is something about to fashion , you know in a million years i would never ever turn it down. In my life. So few days before the show, went for the fitting for the garments. I was so amaze with all the designs that day, could really see how they sew it pieces by pieces. True hard work. So my designer was Andrenne, she is so nice so sweet and so cute too. I had funny working with her. So on that day itself which was last Friday , i had to be the 32 Bistro at the noon, we rehears and we did our makeup and hair. I was sitting down there for hours and hours for the make up and hair styling. 

I think i scared myself by looking at myself in the mirror when the make up was half done. Freaky much ! & talking about make up , i also have to put in this blood shot contacts. HAHAH i am a sucker at putting it on. HOMG i was so panic when i couldnt get that thing into my breaking eye ball -.- . I think the make up artist was so desperate to help me finish up my make up , that she volunteer to help me put it in. That's .... like really something odd . But ohh well she was fantastic hahaha , i think by helping me to put on the make up have raise her patience level. Because, no doubt and i dont denythat  i kept on looking , moving and texting around . I am sorry but you're awesome. & i love my hair setup too. :) 

10 minutes before the show , i was stuff into the garment and Andrenne was so good that she straightaway sew up the garment on me 0.0 . Like 10 freaking minutes before the show start !!!! She was so calm. OMG if it was me, you 'll probably needa send me to some emergency room. I am the type of person that gets tense up like really easily. I cant deal with last minute work. But she was so good and her time estimation was great that within the 10 minute , she was done :) Walking down from one platform to another platform, i was in a total freeze and cold motion. I feel awkward doing those pose but screw it.. i look scary enough to pull the pose off ! HAHAHA   and honestly i almost laughed when i saw Chin Sue Zen down there. Surprisingly i saw her, i thought i wouldn't be able to see anyone since there were so many flash lights around. 

I finally could release the breath that i was holding at the moment i walk back into the bistro. WOOOW. It was quite a challenge to walk in boots with a garment that looks like that. I think i have knocked many people down , from left to right hahaha. Sorry peepo :) But it was a great night , know so many people and gain so much experience and most of all i love the design. 

After the show , i was so happy happy when i saw Mag, Jared , Beat and Ben. Thanks so much guys for coming too :) . And hahah of course Brown Cow who came :) I am a happy happy girl that night.So Zen waited for me and i finally met Chee Zhen . As i was walking to the toilet to remove my makeup , i wanted to scared the kids ahhaa but failed. The worker even smiled and me and gave me a thumbs up instead. -.- Zha lan dou, he was suppose to be shock , not giving me a thumbs up hahah. Removing the make up was the hardest part, i could not remove off the red ink at my lips .

Me : Omg Zen , cannot remove wor. How?
Zen : Ohh really ?? *squeeze more make up remover on cotton wool & RUB MY LIPS and my eyes*
Me : Ehh dont rub my eyes first .
Zen : Why? Are you sure you dont wanna whip ur eyes.
Me : Later not enough cotton wool HAHA only remove one eye. Later i look like i ve been punch!                    Somemore my lips the red ink CANNOT COME OUT *freakout*

It was a have to be there moment. & i scared the hell out of Zen at the toilet toooo :) hahaha i bet she dream about me that night :) We went to McD because she was starving and headed to Kota Damansara after that.
Overall , i had fun . & one more thing, i did not realized i actually looked like MEGAMIND with the hair style after browsing through the pictures. No wonder ..... people gave the weird stare. !!! 

Behind all the hard work :)

Andrenne ;)

The rest of the designs :)
Pretty awesome huh!

Mag , ben, Beat , jared

 Suezen and Chee Zhen 

And yeaaaap , every Sunday is a swiming / work out day.
Zen , its goood okay ! HAHAH

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Christmas Carol

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I am totally in love with the Topshop Christmas Lookbook 2010.
It's so messy :)
But edgy


So Chic :)

i am drooling :)

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Just Shot Me Will' Ya

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Seeing that date up there just reminds me that..its the last month of the year. I have to admit this is the most toughest year for me. I think i have tried hard enough to just let things down now, because i really think i dont give a damn no more. I know , sometimes even i feel super mean when i do that & sometimes i even feel as if i am the most horrible person on earth to do , that i really cant be bother much. They choose to be like that and i have no choice to react like that too .

Any how, so been hanging out with meng pei and zen for the pass two days.
Nice hanging out, i had fun fun . & i hope you guys tooo :)

Pavilion ; Zen's place

Dye my hair hair :)

We got bored...



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There's Only One Reason Why I Never Stop Loving You

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A night out with my girls at Twenty-One , Changkat . It was a nice place to catch up with my pretty ladies. Except for the fact that one of them couldn't make it ;/. She so needs to come for the next catch up . 

I miss those times where we talked and laughed at the most stupidest things that anyone could every imagine, 
 I miss those times that we would actually bring our home-cooked food for each of four of us for ever recess before SPM , 
I miss those times where we would do so many ridiculous actions that we actually laughed it back to ourselves. Times passed by and i can see that everyone is changing towards the good side 
 one thing i am grateful that , 
at least things doesn't change among us. 

We are still.....
We :)

Fooooooood :)

What More Can I Ask :)


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Told'cha , his shoe are sick in mind :) 

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I Can't Quite Put It Into Words

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 'Lets just take a walk, and forget about the pain'

We had a photo shoot yesterday over at Mag's . :)
& we had fun.

 With Beatrice Tan Su mei :)

With Jared Lau Jie-Le and Tan Su Mei :)

It's blur,
But i find it artistic :)

With the soul sista,
Lau Jia Le :)

Things are so perfect,
with just a smile:)

It's Benjamin Tong, Beatrice Tan & Emilie Lim :)

Jump baby , Jump !

Thaanks Mag Sayang :)

Fooling around moments :)

I have gotta say,
We have an awesome and amazing photographers.

1. Outing with meng pei the other day .
Followed her along for her facial and we got lost . I feel so failure haha.
It was good hanging out and catching up with her :)

2. Mist the other day too:)

 Sue Ping's birthday
Birthday girl :)

Justin Seow:)

Sian Shern :)

Kin Loong :)

Sean Ching :)

Sue Zen Chin :)

Joey Kong :)

Wai Sum Yuen :)

Things would be different without you guys:)

Travis Tan , Chee Fai & Justin.

Boon keat :)

One of the other night :)
Baby :)

Sabirin :)

Baby :)

Sean Ching

Aizat ;)

Imran :)

With Lynette :)

Malacca Post would be just right after this :)...
NIghts peep, time to sleep :)

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