Cocktails at The Pool

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How you heard about a place called The Pool, if you haven come across this place well I would truly say that you should really just get check it out.

The Pool is the ultimate poolside opulence that is that newest addition to Kuala Lumpur's nightlife. The Pool is created by the same owners of the acclaimed bar and restaurant that established The Hill in Damansara Heights. This new outlet offers an experience that will blow your mind off with all the expectation you have in Kuala Lumpur's nightlife.

The music sets lively mood as guests enjoy the pool side dining from a light-hearted menu. Two luxury VIP Pool caban create a tempting cool oasis. It is an ideal venue of choice for those who indulge in the luxuries of a good life.

The Pool - Deck

The Pool - Deck

The Pool - Deck

The Pool - Runway

The Pool - Inside Seating

Kyoto Lab - Lounge

Kyoto Lab - Dining

The Pool - DJ Console

& if you are a big fan of dancing and dancing is what you came for, the dance foor will awe you with it's overhead projection of the latest in the music industry. Every night  offers a new excuse to party from Wednesday ; Gentlemen's Night , Thrsday; Ladies night , Friday ; TIGF , Saturdays ; Champagne Shower night and Sunday is Pool Parties Nights

Besides creating a place that you will never forget, The Pool has a range of tasty and famous cocktails

Watermelon Slush

Fish Bowl



Malacca Loda

I ve been there a few times and I am loving it, What are u waiting for, get yourself there and enjoy the lovely night. Have a great weekend spend there as well :)

The Pool basic infomation

Open : Wednesdays to Saturdays from 5.00pm to 3.00am
Sundays from 4.00pm to 3.00am
Monday and Tuesday Closed

Dress Code : Casual Chic / Designer Pool Wear

Entry : RM35 for men, FREE for ladies (applicable all night)

Music : Mainstream, House, Hip-hop, RNB by theme night.

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Monday Blues

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Denim jacket : Unknown
Denim top : Gifted
White slack : H&M
Pumps : Vincci

First day of college after a week break and it feels as if i am still in my holiday mood. 
Mixing denim with denim again, can't get enough of it.

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A year older, a year wiser. 
It was an amazing way to kick start my big 2 0 , with a bunch of amazing people. 
God bless

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SugarplumCandyfloss x KissJane

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Green Blazer : Kiss Jane
Strip long sleeve: Kiss Jane
Necklace : Kiss Jane
Denim jeans : Unknown
Green Suede Heels: Kiss and tell
Bag : KizzMe Style 

So sorry for such late outfit post, I've been delaying this post for quite sometime. Just didnt have the right time to edit and blog about it. First of all thanks to KissJane for such lovely pieces because approximately a month ago, I ve received a lovely  package all the way from Singapore with love :) is an online market place with the largest collection in Singapore. They actually aggregated the top local brands and have over 18,000 design changes in their outlets.Since I'm such a huge fan of blazer , I got myself this green blazer, pairing with this strip long sleeve top from Kiss jane and the f-amazing necklace from kiss jane once again and with my one and only green suede peep-toe mary jane heels from Kiss and tell. My biggest favor online store ever :)

It was my best grab from Kiss Jane :) 
Thank KissJane once again !

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Gush Cloud Influencer

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Few months ago, I received an email and was invited to join and experience a new social networking called Gush Cloud. I also tooked up a challenge to join a competition called Gush Chase Influencer. :) Yesh, I have to say I am not very lucky in term of competition, so I was thinking why not just give it a try since is pretty new in the online media.

Gush Cloud is basically like a online platform for everyone to post your favorite picture from your favorite outfit of the day, picture that inspires you, favorite music video, favorite blogpost and just practically anything that come across your mind at the moment and share it to the world. Not to mention, at the same time  Gush Cloud was also having a competition called Gush Chase 2012, the competition was divided into two category :

1. Gush Chase for Influencer 
2. Gush Chase for Music Art

So i joined for the Malaysian Gush Chase for Influencer :) There are a few countires competing,  for example like San Francisco, Indonesia, Sinagpore, Australia and Malaysia as well. I joined the competition, mainly is was because the prizes and the band who is performing was really tempting :D ehhehehe. One of the prizes is that i could attend the GUSH CONCERT 2012, and the moment when I know that THE CAB is performing I went like OMG.. AM I ON THE RIGHT PAGE OR WHAT. 

I'm guessing not many people actually knows the band THE CAB because is not really a mainstream band, but back then in high school i was really obsessed with them, I have no idea how me and my high school mates found the band but  I really literrally spam their song all day long. It's nice reminiscing those good old memories, obsessing about them with my girlfriends. Anyway back to the topic eheheh,  yeaps knowing that THE CAB is one of the band that is performing, I have to say it was tempting enough to attract me to join, and of course with other bands like Mayday parade and Hello Goodbye, other prizes like 3D2N trips and cash rewarded was also tempting. However, the prizes is only applicable if you win the competition. In order to win the competition, one must be judge based on the number of subscribers you have, the number of gush post you have posted on, the number of people liking you gush as well. 

So at first it was fun "gushing" (is the term they called which also stand for posting) pictures, outfit of the day, and inspirational picture on Gush Cloud. But as the days goes by, there were more and more competitors joining and competing for the grand prizes. I have to say I was haven a hard time to be at the top because there are like millions of contestant. So basically the moment when i post something, and i refreshed the page, my post would probably appeared at the next page. People just keeps gushing every hour, every minute and every second.

Towards the middle of the competition, Gush Cloud created column stating the ranking of the Gush Chase contestant, which really makes everything easier ahahha ;) At least it allows the contestant to keep track of their position. The only thing i could do was to Gush and gush and gush every time or every free time i had. At one point, I think i flooded my twitter account because whenever i post something on Gush Cloud it will auto appear on my twitter . Sorry to my twitter peeps, for flooding ur timeline with my link anyway i change the setting after that. The good news it, my hard work did paid off I was rank at the top 5 for Gush Chase for Influencer. I never give up gushing till the very last day of the competition, which ended on the 6th of August. So by then, it was time for the judges to choose their very own Gush Cloud Influencer and Gush Cloud Music Art.

The result was told to be announced on 13th of August, but unfortunately for Malaysia is was late one day i think. I wasnt putting any high hope in wining because all the top 5 influencers was having tonnes of likes, tonnes of gushes and subscriber as well. Moreover, it was stated that you will received a phone call or an email if you are the grand winner and the runner ups. So yea, when i didnt received any phone calls i thought that maybe I didn't win the competition, and I didnt even bother to check my email as well. 

Then i received a phone call from a friend ahaha, asking me to check my email to see whether did i received any email from the organiser. So i was thinking okay lets check, maybe there's a slight hope. And .... SMILEEESSS. 

First i have to say Thank you Gush Cloud, for choosing me out of so many contestant , I true appreciates it so much.  I am not a very lucky person in terms of winning anything but you guys made me more than happy. and secondly thank to Ming han and Charis from Skyward in Gush Cloud for constantly supporting me and giving me those encouraging words, if you haven got to know who are they check the out !!!. Thank you so much and you know that you guys are always my Gush Cloud Music Art winner .

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