Sweet Caroline

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The other day, right after dinner, i suddenly have this urge to do mini shoot. So i drag my brother and showed him the type of shoot that i was looking for :) 
& tadaaa ;)

However, i instantly felt fat after seeing the pictures. I can see extra meat every part of my body hiding under my skin.:(
I feel so big size there but at least the shoot turn out pretty fine :).

Shorts : Topshop
Ring: Gifted & Thrifted 

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 Love at first sight :)
How could you not adore this !

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Ballerina Dream

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A day to look forward too.
Last weekend, it was indeed a hectic day for me as i was so pack with loads of work to do on that day.
Nicholas Kew my beloved friend decided to have another fun photo shoot at his area once again.
I was having this ballerina feel for the day , so i started ransacking my closet to find the perfect top to match with this chiffon skirt. 

I wanted to pair it with a dropped off shoulder over-sized top but it did not embrace the feel that i was looking for. Not to mention i was already late , and they were waiting for me , and my hair was still soaking wet after a bath with no make up on at all.
So i finally found the right tube leopard dress. Yes it was a body hugging dress and i managed to fold up the end so it looks shorter and wouldnt be so obvious when i wear it with the skirt

and tadaaa this is how i look :)
Despite i have to climb into this big drain but i still manage to suck it up :)

As usual, wearing my favourite wedges from Kiss and Tell. Thanks Michelle so much :)

Tube Dress : Hype by Diane Lee
Skirt: F block
Wedges: Kiss and Tell
Accessories: Gifted, Thrift store, Diva, Forever 21
Hat : F block

I was also having a love hate relationship with my hair and the weather. At times it can be super cooling and neat and at times it could be hot and messy. 

Hype yet :)

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Claw You Up

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Even i cant remember how long have I been eyeing on claw rings and bracelet .Its hard to find such rings when you know not everyone likes the partner of it. Some people just feels odd wearing those type of rings. 

Like my mum said, i always have weird taste in cloths, accessories and stuff. Ohh well , at least i know i am content and happy with what i like :)

Isnt it beautiful :) Thanks to cheryl from Cherished who ask me to check out this blogshop call Delirious Accessories because they do sell claw rings. My instant reaction was straight away order it with no hesitation. However, they ask me to check out they store boutique at Asian Avenue. So i went and apparently it sold out. Not that i know that my beloved Emilie heard me mentioning about it , and she went over to bought for me instead. Which means she bought the last one for me. Thanks jimui, i love you :). 

 In to my rings collection now :)

So now, its time to hunt for claw bracelet:)

Source by Wardrobeflux
Isnt it a beautiful art ;)

GAAAH ! <3

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Hennessy Artistry 2011 - Mist Club Bangsar

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Once again, Hennessy Artistry is back with more excitement and fun for everyone. The event took place at Mist Club Bangsar on the 30th of July 2011. 

The night was well accompanied with free flow of drinks and not to mention , great and amazing performance for everyone. It's definitely one hell of an event they you wont want to miss out. 

It's time for the pictures do the talking :)

 They have Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Citrus, Hennessy Berry and Hennessy Ginger ;) 
  Which would you prefer ?
Well i personally love Hennessy Apple the most :) Been drinking that flavor non stop for the whole entire night :)

The one and only Mandy Chan :)

The Brothers :)

Spellman Choy :)

Melanie Hwa :)

Jonathan Khor :)

I like his dimples :)

Yi Ching was there too :)

David Chin :)

Yi Ching & Spellman :)

Group Picture :)

Last but not least :)

Yours Truly :)

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Movie Review : Lulla Man

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Lets put fashion out of the for a few second. Shall we :)

A week ago, i was able to watch the Lulla Man movie preview screening at Cathy Cineplex, E@Curve. A big thank you to Adverlets for the free movie preview screening tickets.

When i heard about Lulla Man, i was scratching my head and thinking , 'What is Lulla Man all about anyway? ' I have to be honest that I am not a big fan of Thai movies, unless they are horror or scary ones.  I just have to say , they have the best scary movie ever.

Okay back to the picture, anyhow i didnt really put any high hopes or expectation from the movie. After finish watching it , screw my stereotype thinking, i actually like it. Yes , i really mean it when i say i like it. It has so much of humour, fun , excitement, tension , and emotional feeling around round and round like a marry-fo-round. Things just get more greater when you less expect it :)

Movie Trailer. 

It's basically about three young married men who secretly cheats  behind their wives and hide their night time activities seeking for another woman without the knowledge of their wives. However, their wives has finally discover their dirty little secret and decided to soy on them. And there goes the rest of the story for you to find out.

It's more towards a modern playboy movies, that i think men will find it interesting to watch. 

Starring Chakrit Yamnam, Jeab Chern-Yim, Passorn Bunyakiet, Petchtai Wongkamlao, Ussanee Wattana.
Directed by Tunya Potiwijit, Lulla Man is currently playing in cinemas nationwide on (4th August 2011). 
My favorite among the rest :)

Meet their crazy spy wives.

The girls with Jason Ong :) 

Before i end this , it's a good way to brighten up you day with Lulla Man.It gives you a good laugh by the end of the day so watch it :)

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Locked Your Wrist

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Laze around on a lazy Sunday with my hun :) 

Months ago  , Dominic from Singapore ALEXIS magazine email me and asked me whether am i interested to featured in their August vol 005 issue street style. So i immediately , with no doubt, agreed upon the request :) 
 & the issue is out :)
Do check out their website : http://www.alexismagazine.com/

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