Luxe Swinger x Swinging in Style

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With new foreign brands emerging and coming in day by day, it's pretty tough to resist the drive to swing by the shop or just merely inquiring about them through the net. This is especially with a majority of them being well known in their own country.

Being known as Malaysia's most trusted premium online fashion outlet, Luxe Swinger is definitely living up to it's title in offering a wide range of fashionable products to their customers in Malaysia. I ve always admire fashion brands that dare to be different, this is because it doesn't only provide a diverse fashion culture yet in some way it helps to cultivate the growth of the fashion industry in Malaysia itself.

In fact, being able to be part of the Swinging InStyle project , I had the most enjoyable experience fitting myself into every single pieces of garment that screams exquisite and elegant.

 photo 970281_647184681962814_1076014623_n_zps878c1ecc.jpg

 photo 486729_647185578629391_1417153895_n_zps04edbdb9.jpg

 photo IMG_0295_zpse9f8de7f.jpg

The three different dresses that I wore.

 photo look1_zpsabe25f2c.jpg
 photo Untitled-2_zps61322c7b.jpg
As a vibrant color,  yellow has definitely gotten it's very own spotlight. This lovely sheer evening gown is absolutely suitable for any form of formal occasion. Not to forget, those sparkling pieces of crystal beads, it does add some edginess to the whole pieces. I love how the lower part of the dress is light and the material itself has definitely done some justice to the dress.

 photo look2_zps58ea8640.jpg
 photo Untitled-5_zps2c2aee80.jpg
When it comes to pastel, it is clear that nothing goes wrong with that color. I dont know about you, but it's just a color that never fails to get to me. Not to forget, the layers of gentle fall at the side of the gown is the only thing that pops out within the whole entire gown and it fits me perfectly. Once again, this beauty is applicable to be parade in a celebration dinner or a formal occasion.

 photo look3_zps31d645a3.jpg
 photo Untitled-3_zps66dfa765.jpg
Last but not least, a dress that speaks out all my personality. Sequins and buster cutting from Bardot, Australia, I cant find any dissatisfaction to not pick this piece to try it on. For me, this body-con dress is a versatile pieces of apparel.

I would totally wear it for three different occasion. 

a) Day : Put on a blazer and button it up, pair it with you're favorite pair of comfortable heels and you are off to go to work.
b) Night : Take those blazer off and put on a pair of stilettos heels and you are ready to rock the night
c) Extra : Put on some statement necklace and tied your hair all behind. You are off to go for a formal function  

& here's a short video of that day.

Loving all the dresses , if so do leave a comment and tell me;

which look do you prefer 
which beauty would you choose to own ?

Special thanks to ;

 photo 561689_510352472312703_1569637223_n_zps3e5ea242.jpg
Officer Organizer & Apparels : Luxe Swinger

Official Make-Up & Hairdressing : Back Stage Academy

Official Photographer : Peoplegraphy 

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LG : Life's Good

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Since young, when it comes to choosing any sort of household item in an electronic hub, I swear I ll be standing at that one particular spot with my parents for the longest time ever. For my parents, it’s pretty important to choose the best among the best when it comes to furniture, technology gadgets or anything that is related to the house, especially the television. 

At that time, as television was our only main source of entertainment as well as my all time favorite medium since young, it was no doubt choosing the right television was so imperative for my parents.  Moreover, as I grew older the chances of me stepping into an electronics appliances hub gets lesser and lesser. First, I can’t afford to buy with my own money. Second, I still can’t afford to buy with my own money. 

However, after knowing that I m invited to the LIVE LIFE LG’s blogger event on the 8th of June at The Piazza, Curve, I have to say I m honored and pretty excited about it. One of the reason is because there will be tons of activities, games and most importantly fantastic prizes by LG to be won on that day itself. Besides that, LG will be running a blogger contest after the event, whereby the best blogpost will win away the 84 inch TV (below).  Now you see why I m excited about it don’t you.  


For me, when it comes to choosing a television, features and technical specifications matters the most. As for the LG 84” TV, the only features that I m looking forward to see on that day would be the resolutions, 3D specifications as well as the audio sound system.  

Last but not least, before I end this post just a short reminder that LG will be having a roadshow at The Curve from 7th to 9th of June, from 10am to 10pm. Don’t miss out the chance to see the world first 84 “ Ultra HD 3D TV live in front of you 

For more information and in deep details about it , check out

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Since the day that I started switching my blog to a fashion blog, it's probably the day that I told myself, this is what i want to do.  I never knew how strong this determination grew, but I'm glad it lead me to the right path.

Just few weeks ago, I was honored enough being featured by The Star R.A.G.E. Thank you Charis Ow and Melly Ling for making this happen. So here's the shoot and the article itself.

Behind the scene :

 photo IMG_9913111_zps71958f06.jpg

 photo IMG_9914111_zps42ebd43d.jpg

 photo IMG_9928111_zps67ce88f1.jpg

 photo IMG_9923111_zps05791099.jpg

 photo IMG_9965_zps83db7fb3.jpg

Basically, I have to style a pieces of item into 5 different looks. Thus, i choose my Little Black Dress :)

Here's to 5 ways to style a LBD

 photo pizapcom1057684154668822881367482487093_zps366e37c1.jpg

 photo pizapcom1059329163935035471367481648077_zps070e6c74.jpg
#1 : The Casual Rock

 photo pizapcom10142228345386683941367479134978_zpsb00397b3.jpg
#2 : The Festive Look

 photo MANG2903-589x1024_zps9c9a94de.jpg
#3 : The High Street Look

 photo MANG2835-579x1024_zpsc14114a6.jpg
#4 : The Rugged Look

 photo pizapcom100187818426638841631367480062515_zps32745e4c.jpg
#5 : The Stylish Formal

Here's a video ;)

 photo RAGE_zps73144a4e.jpg

Last but not least, THANK YOU R.A.G.E !

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A Land Far Away

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Just a few days ago as I was reminiscing back all the old times through my blog , there are a few things that I've realized, particularly. First, my taste of style has drastically changed over the years and second, i ve been feeding myself with lots and lots of monotone colors in my daily wears. Just like this outfit here, I like it how it's simple and it stands out just like that. As much as I love layering myself with blazers and sweaters, sometimes is nice to be minimalistic.

 photo IMG_0191_zps65f04a00.jpg

 photo IMG_0225_zps3d5599f9.jpg

 photo IMG_0207_zps7d972621.jpg

 photo IMG_0247_zpseaba3799.jpg

Stripe dress : Sturm & Drum | Arm Candy : Mixmotto | Sling bag : H&M | Heels Scandal : Zara

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Chrome Hearts x Monochrome

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 photo IMG_0120_zps1b86d989.jpg

 photo IMG_0124_zps0d3024ee.jpg

 photo IMG_0157_zps52203708.jpg

 photo IMG_0170_zpsb9dd18b0.jpg

 photo IMG_0122_zps40b6c84d.jpg

Sweater , Monochrome skirt and Snapback : Sturm n Drum | Arm Candy : Mixmotto

Being a huge girl fan of Big Bang ( a korean band ), I've always pay attention to whatever brand that they wear. If you guys are equally crazy as I am towards them, you guys would probably know that chrome hearts is one of their daily-wear brand. 

Especially Tae Yang. Oh yes, I love him the most among all 5 of them ;p. So, I guess this explains  how i get to know about the brand , to basically wanting to own a similar sweater like what they wear. Since i cant afford the real one, why not purchase the inspired one.

To the amazing Sturm n Drum, you guys never fail to burn a hole in my pocket, in a good way. Hehehe. I m loving the sweater itself and loving the monochrome skirt that i pair with it as well too. Minimal yet comfy.

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Mary Kay - One Woman Can Beauty contest

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So here's a quick post I'm going to do while taking a break from my assignment. So filled with stress that i needed a break away from those essays and PDF files.

So my title itself has already say it all out - Mary Kay : One Woman Can Beauty Contest. Before I proceed to the in-depth details of the contest, let me introduce MARY KAY the brand itself first ehehe. I am sure some of you girls would already know that Mary Kay is one of the world's renowned direct selling beauty brand worldwide. Not to mention, their products are sold in more than 35 markets worldwide, and the Company's global independent sales force has exceed 2 million and WOW, now that is one hell of a renowned brand there.

 photo FC3E_zps2dc8c82e.jpg

In conjunction with their 50th anniversary, MARY KAY has decided to organized a "One Woman Can" Beauty contest for all the young females out there to take a chance to join this make over contest. This makeover contest allow you pretty girls out there to bring out the best in your looks and what's more amazing is that , YOU STAND A CHANCE TO WIN AN ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP TO HONG KONG to attend the star-studded Asia Pacific Regional Finale Contest where the next cover girl of MARY KAY Asia will be chosen. 

 photo hongkong1_zpsf5872510.jpg

Okie, thats pretty tempting isnt it ? Talking about Hong Kong, how i ve miss that place so much. A city filled with so many pretty stuff and such fast-forward fashion they have there, I would say - you wont regret going there. 

So what are you waiting for !!!

Time to shine your outer and as well as inner beauty and the Mary Kay Asia cover girl could be YOU !

So here's what you need to do ladies :)

#1 : Booking Time
- Contact any Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant today
- Head over to their official MARY KAY Malaysia to know more details about booking for a consultant.
- Head office number : 03-77117500
- Entry starts from 8th March till 10th May 2013

 photo b7137844c507c02f9ebdd0d44c3b87ac341d999f_zpsa3dfdcbb.jpg

#2 : Makeover time

 photo 275535-the-first-makeover-studio-in-chennai_zps303382fe.jpg

 photo 20120915-marykay_zps93763256.jpg

#3 : A Before & After results
- REMEMBER to upload your photos to  

 photo User-Register-Photo-1_zps13074f2c.png

 photo 317369_10151529521192171_332633555_n_zps98ff341f.jpg

#4 : Voting Time
- Ask your friends, family, siblings, or relatives to vote for you. The more votes you get, the higher the chance you stand to win.
-Voting begins from 13th May to 27th May, 2013.
- P/S : Winner stands a chance to win an unforgettable trip to Hong Kong ! 

 photo 22552_zps7a07660f.png

Contest ends on 10th of May 2013

For more details :

Official website : MARY KAY Malaysia

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After being tremendously caught off with my college assignments, I finally get to invade this space of mine once again. At times like this, it's pretty hard to juggling between blogging and homework but as i've said i 'll definitely use every single spare i have to update this blog as much as possible.

So just few days back, i decided to dyed my hair all black. First, because i think my light brown -goldish hair is fading into an unbearable state of hair color and second of all, i just needed a new look again. :) Does it suit me , or does it not suit me? You'll be the judge.

 photo Untitled-4_zps1579d824.jpg

 photo IMG_005600_zps5559fbcf.jpg

 photo IMG_00581110_zps71ecb244.jpg

 photo IMG_0033000_zps4c7c32cf.jpg

 photo IMG_0036000_zps8f4f6fde.jpg

 photo IMG_0039000_zps9232db92.jpg

Floppy hat : H&M | Top : Topshop | Arm candy : Mixmotto | Necklace : Fashion Valet | Wedges : ZARA

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