Black & White

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Photography by Ryan Liu

Contrast Placket T-shirt : Eye Candie
High-wasited Shorts : Kiss & Tell
Two-Tone Clutch : Vincci
Boots : Kiss & Tell
Claw Bracelet : Riot of Fash & Jetedeesire
Rings : Gifted and Thrifted

Back to the basic color that practically looks good in anything :) Dont you think so? Well, i ve been alil busy around with my university assignments and it's been weeks since I last post up a outfit post. How I wish i am still one holiday.

Well this was the outfit that i wore to The Pool soft launch at Jalan Ampang, KL. A contrast placket t-shirt paired with my all time favorite high-waisted short from Kiss and Tell, with a black boots :) I can never get bored with that shorts, apparently Michelle knew I love that shorts so much that she gave me three of that shorts with different colors. How generous she is, damn .. it's hard to not adore that girl. 

Hype yet? 


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A Birthday/Daily Post

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A maxy dress that i bought at the bazaar store at my college. Love the printed and how colorful it is :)

Joanne Yapster's 21st birthday :) You're a year older now , i am waiting for your engagement dinner with ray ray okie :)

WBK's birthday at Vertigo club. Though it was pack as hell but at least we did have fun. 

A friend of mine ask me , why did i stop blogging about my daily activities anymore? Well that's a very good question to answer, i do miss blogging about and daily lifestyle but i guessed blogging about something more than just lifestyle post just caught my attention later on :) Therefore , here i am with fashion blog . As for today, i am just fashion out of the box for a moment, and blog about what has been happening this few months. 

Life through my phone :) 

Been working during the holidays , it's becoming part of mine monthly agenda now. At first, it was merely just doing it for fun and so that i don't rot at home and do nothing, but it's getting more.. interesting ;). & college started as well, busy busy busy, back to the old nerdy and anti-social amanda soon i swear. & the shittiest part is i m super sick with my high fever on & off. It's a back time to get sick when assignments, as usual, coming in one by one. I miss being in holiday :( 

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Love Dust

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Dress : Zara
Pumps : Payless
Necklace : Gifted
Bangle : Gifted
Rings: A gift from my mummy and my best friend
Hat : F block
Feather Earring : Diva

I am going to do a quick post before i head out to work. Wearing a red striking dress from Zara. And necklaces from Zach's mum :) She gave me a box of jewelry that she didnt think she'll wear it anymore, but for me it was heaven. Everything was so vintage, imagine it, she used to wear it when she was young, back in her era. I can helped myself but going all nuts seeing every piece one by one and trying it on like the world happiest girl :) Thanks Auntie Pat. Owh not to mention, bangles as well. And those earring, been hunting it for a very long period of time :) I am so glad that i found you, hanging at the rack and waiting for me to owned you , hehehe.

Been doing alot of freelance job lately and sometimes i even have to rearrange my timetable for my uni. I dont find it troublesome, in fact i am kinda enjoying it now, at the moment. It's always vise versa, when you're studying , you just have the urge to get your butt out there and work; When you're working, how you wish you're still in high school, nerding your way in. It's just been a busy month where assignments and jobs and meetings just keep coming in and out. Not to mention, i ve been attending one birthday after another continuously one week after another as well. So many March babies :) And now i am having sore throat a little flu after yesterday's night birthday celebration for my of my bestest friend. Shall update about that soon.

And lately i ve been spamming Big Bang's new debut albums song like mad. My favorite song would definitely be Love Dust, which explains why my was name after their song :) Yong Bae :)

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What a nice date to experience a nice and live auction in front of you. It was one of those days where you tell yourself, 'Hey ive just learn something new though people have already know it so long ago". Well it was on the 29th of February, that i got a chance to attend the grand launch of Sold.My in Gecko Gastro Bar.

I never like bidding and never knew how to function or use that thing, if you can say. So one day a close friend of mine, sort of explain how bidding works and all. Instantly,my perception of bidding is time-consuming and troublesome because u always have to keep and eye on the item you're bidding so that the last bid users doesn't bid during the very last second. It either that or something else. Therefore, bidding dint really interest me much.

Not until the day where i finally get to understand the picture of auctions or bidding clearly.Which is, no doubt the day where Sold.My was launch. Indeed it was an eye-opening day to finally get to behold a live auction on how bidding works. I have to say is pretty impressive if you can own an iPhone 4s with only 60 sen through bidding.The day ended pretty well with a good buffet served. Sold.My is really a real deal here now:)

You must be wondering what is Sold.My and what is it all about?
Sold.My is an exciting, innovative and reliable auction website offering really new products at a super great bargains. When i say super, i really do mean it! You practically could find the hottest tech gadgets, hotel stays, travel deals and female must-haves to compliment you daily living.

Let's just have a short intro of how the auction works on the website.
All auctions start at RM0.00 and each time someone enters a bod, the current price will increase by 15 sen and the time remaining increases by up to 20 seconds.

As we all know, when the time reaches 0, the last successful bidder wins the product at the final auction price. Usually the auction price is 60-98% OFF from the retail price. What a good catch man !

You are required to purchase "Tokens" from the website as the "Tokens" are needed to be use to bid during the auction. Each Token costs RM1.50. Besides that, 10 free Tokens will be given to you with your first purchase of any of the Token packs. So what are u waiting, registration is fast, simple and free. Be a member and start bidding.

Sold.My is different from other bidding auctions. This is because normal traditional online auction, you do not have to pay to place a bid because the bid price is 100% determined by you. However, at Sold.My each bid uses one Token (RM1.50) and all bid prices starts from zero with fixed bid price increments. Through this way, it is impossible to keep the final bid prices extremely low. The similarities is that both auction type have timer elements; the only differences is that at Sold.My, the timer extends by up to 20 seconds whenever a bid is placed.

With Yiching and Christine :)

Christine , Melanie and Jason :)

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Before i start ranting about how good the clothes are, do know that they are all from Gingersnaps. I am not too sure whether have u ever heard about this brand , but i am guessing now you do :) The other day i was walking around the shopping mall , and this store instantly caught my attention with its set up and interior designs. Though from the outside it looks like a store that sells kids clothing, but they have a bunch of variety of clothes ranging from the age or 2 or 3 to adolescent

Crazing around with my brother hehe :)

 My favorite outfit of all, you see that cute little floral print bow tie. Don't you think its adorabluuu :)

I spend quite awhile at the store looking and choosing for the right outfit that suits me perfectly. I ended up purchasing a few outfits, consist of a pink dress with a belt, grat sequin cropped top, blue collared button-up shirt, and two floral prints skirt. 

I like how each pieces fits me well with the exact length and width. You know how some clothes tend to have space at the waist and it doesn't fits you perfectly at some area. Yeap, that kind if situation does frustrates me. I guess problem solve now. Gingersnaps clothes doesn't only solved my problem in buying clothes, talking about the material, it's really comfortable when i put on it as well :). 

Every pieces was a good grab. My all time favorite would be the blue collared button-up shirt and the floral print skirt belted. Loving that little bow tie there.

Owh , by the way. Hype yet :) ?

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