Greek War

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Always been a fan of maxi dresses. But trust me i cant never find the right and suitable length for me. Sometimes it's either too short or i just dont like the pattern and design. Talking about maxi dresses, i have to say Forever 21 lastest maxi dress collection was attractive. Filled with flora and vibrant colors. So i saw this long grey maxi dress hanging on a rack of colour dresses, and it immediately caught my attention.

 I love the strap design. So greek. I have no idea why but thats just the first thing that came into my mind.

Dress : Forever 21
Rings : thrift an gifted
Necklace : Forever 21

Hype yet?

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Arthur's Day Invitation Give Away

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The first thing that comes into my head when i heard the word Arthur's Day was Black Eyes Peas. Hahaha you cant blame me for that , i remembered back in high school i used attend one of Arthur's Day events. It was at Sunway Surt beach and the invited artist was Black Eyes Peas. I used to love that day so much, spending brilliant time with my baby girl :) I miss it so much. Not to mention , i miss you more Chin Sue Zen.

This was like ages ago. Woaah :)

Therefore, this years Arthur's Day is a must for me to attend and so do every single one of you out there. This time round, is going to be bigger and better then before. This year Arthur's Day will be held at Speed City at Selangor Turf Club, Kuala Lumpur on the 23rd of September.

Performances by the one and only Taio Cruz , Mizz Nina, DK Skeletor and The Kartel Group as well. So tempted to be part of it?  Arent you people out there feeling your butts are getting alil itchy , and all you just want to do is grab a ticket and go for it?

Well your dream might just come true now. All you need to do is follow a few steps below, and you can stand a chance to win 2 passes of Arthur's day invitation and bring your loved ones there to enjoy the party.

All you need to do is;

1. Like my fan page : 
2. And mentioned my blog which is my fan page is giving out free tickets to Arthur's Day Event.
3. Leave a comment on my blog and say why should you win the tickets.
4. Winners will be announce on 19th September 2011.
5. Confirmation of the winner is required on 20th September 2011. If failed to do so, the passes will be pass down to the next in line :)

Moreover, a special thanks to Advertlets for teh free tickets and dont worry because Advertlets will also be giveaways more tickets to those who are interested in going for the event.

Last but not least,  TO ARTHUR ! 

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Johnnie Walker : Step Inside The Black Circuit Singapore.

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How often do you get a chance to experience a once in a life time event? How often do you get to enjoy a well accommodated 5 Star facilities and a luxurious flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore all well planned for you?

Well this time round, Johnnie Walker wants you to once again experiences the world most mind blowing, the most adventure and glamorous party ever held in Singapore.

JOHNNIE WALKER is known as the world's number one whisky brand that is enjoyed by people almost 200 countries around the world. Over the years, JOHNNIE WALKER has transform from a brands that was store at the small grocery store back in 1820 into an international whisky business selling stylish , authentic and iconic brand now in the 21st century era. The transformassion and progressive has led JOHNNIE WALKER to entered a partnership agreement with the McLaren Formula One team in the year 2005.

As proud global partner of Formula One team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes since 2005, Johnnie Walker once again is offering all the Malaysian a rare chance , as i ve mention earlie, to experience the once in a life time VIP race party at the Johnie Walker Jet Black in Singapore on the 24th and 25th of September 2011.This time round JOHNNIE WALKER is giving out four Malaysia the chance to win and experience the trip of a lifetime at Singapore Grand Pix. Besides that , the winner of the competiton will also eb treated to full five-star hopsitality and facilities. Isnt this just beyond than amazing. When i was reading the article, my jaw instantly dropped when i know that there will be four lucky Malaysian will experience a money-cant-buy opportunity to attend teh most well-known party of the year.

Nonetheless, the winners also get the chance to get up close and personal with one of the Vodafone McLaren mercedes drivers, Lewis Hamilton or either Jenson Button. What more can you ask, to be able to get so close to a celebrity , get to enjoy the once in a life-tiem experience, enjoy a 5 star hospitalities and facilities. For me is beyond than what i can ask for.

In addition, it is a good opportunity for all the bloggers out there because JOHNNIE WALKER is also giving out the exclusive and passes to  2 Malaysian bloggers to attend the award winning and the highly anticipated JOHNNIE WALKER JET BLACK race party for two on the both days. Isnt that exciting ? Not to mention , the passes is well equiped and come along with an indulgent stay at one of the top hotels in town.

The JET BLACK race party will be held at the bay front of the glamorous Fullerton Herritage district, which will be once again transformed into the most talked about party location in Singapore. This by-inivitation only event at One on the Bund will definitely not miss out a stellar line-up of the world's best DJs, along with the stunning interactive party experiences and also the famous and stylish JOHNNIE WALKER cocktails.Which includes Black label, Red label, Green label, Gold label 18YO, Premies and Swing. Together they account for 15.4 million cases annually and making JOHNNIE WALKER the most popular Scotch Whisky in the world. Sweeeeet ! Now i cant wait to win those passes .

Winners will also stand a chance to get up close and personal with one of the Vodafone MaLaren Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button as well. Isnt this exciting , getting chance to meet a star, being treats to full five-star hospitality !!

So what are you waiting for, log on to for more information in standing a change to win this exclusive passes :)

I have personally experience one of JOHNNIE WALKER event last year. i have to say that it was a blast that night. Everyone looked so fashionable and gloamorous, free flow of drink for the whole night and great music and awesome performances. Therefore, i believe this time, JOHNNIE WALKER is going to bring a party that is bigger then ever.It was an unforgettable party that ive ever attended.

1. JOHNNIE WALKER® is the global partner of Formula One™ team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ since 2005, who was the 2009 Formula One™ SINGTEL Singapore Grand Prix night race winner and which team did he drive for?

- Lewis Hamilton for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

2. The Johnnie Walker® JET BLACK race party is the most talked about party of the Singapore Night Race, featuring a stellar line up of the world’s best DJ’s, stunning interactive party experiences, and stylish JOHNNIE WALKER® cocktails. Tell us in 50 words or less why we should send you and a friend an exclusive invitation to the party and include 3 or more hi quality pictures of your version of a perfect JOHNNIE WALKER® race party to win yourself 2 passes each to both exclusive events.

- the reason why JOHNNIE WALKER should send me and a friend to such an exclusive party is because i am an adventurous girl that is still young and bubbly, waiting for an opportunity to experiences new and fresh parties around the world. And not to miss out i love travel around too. What else can i say if its Singapore. Therefore i wish to win these passes to this exclusive event.


My version of an awesome JOHNNIE WALKER party! .


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MAHSA College Open Day

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                 MAHSA was well established as MAHSA College in the year of 2005 with a strong belief that a higher education in the field of healthcare was a vital, essential and imperative cog in the development of the nation.

                MAHSA is the brainchild of Professor Datuk Dr. Hj. Mohamed Haniffa who is the Pro-Chancellor and the Executive Chairman of the University College

                The Pro-Chancellor. himself is a clinical practitioner of Medicine and believed in creating qualified, competent and caring healthcare professionals to address the acute shortage of healthcare professionals in Malaysia.

          Last Saturday, with the courtesy of Advertlets and MAHSA College, i along with other Advertlets blogger had the opportunity to attend the once of a life time MAHSA First Aid Workshop. 

Didnt know that i actually get to learn CPR and helping a really lucky male mannequin doing CPR. Interesting isnt it ? 

        It doesn't required much step to learn CPR and First Aid. You would be surprise that by learning these skills, you could actually save a person life. All you need to do is stay clam, check your surrounding and perform the CPR and First Aid.

Josh  performing CPR for the one and only lucky mannequin. Looking good there :).

Here's a snap shoot of all the girls with Jim-the-lucky-mannequin. 

Grouppie picture :)

With the gorgeous Careen Tan :) 

                Besides that , after the CPR and First Aid workshop and lunch, we proceed to the next session which is touring around the campus. It's interesting to see the laboratory and classroom filled with preserved animals and organs part. For me the most interesting room was the dissection hall. 

I found myself in an exciting mood to check out the Cadaver Storage Room where preserved crops is places inside the room. I know, how ironic right, some people would choose not to see but for me i would indeed be the first to volunteer to see :)

This is so ... cool. Instantly amazed when i first saw it in the laboratory . Seeing how babies grow from a  tiny foetus to a well form baby, its really magical. Thats why it caught my attention.

This picture is rather disturbing, looked closely and you can see how they dissect ... the body.

And this was ...woah. getting so close to a .. dead-perserved-arm/lungs , it's pretty mind blowing. At least for me it is. You could actually see the veins , muscle in such a detail form. I have to say , it was a mind blowing experience to be in that campus

                 Therefore, to all the potential doctors and pharmacist that wish to pursue in medical studies, what are you waiting for?

                MAHSA College will be having their open day on the month of September and to whom ever that is interested can register on the following date, time and venue.

10 & 11 September 2011
 Jalan University Campus
 9.00am – 5.00pm

Degree Intake
-BSC Bio Medical
-BSC Medical Imaging
-BSC Environmental Health

18 September 2011
Jalan University Campus
 9.00am – 5.00pm

-Foundation in Science
-Diploma in Nursing
-Diploma in Allied Health

Moreover, MAHSA College also emphasizes on clinical training from the beginning. This shows that the student have full opportunity to have hands on experience with dissections for the first year.

Besides that, there are many hospitals that is affiliated to MAHSA University College

The total number of government hospitals – 36.

Kuala Lumpur General Hospital – one of the largest hospitals in the country providing over 2500 beds with specialty and super-specialty departments. It has been allocated to train our Medical, Dental and Physiotherapy students.
General Hospitals that MAHSA affiliated with for clinical placement and training- 10.

Private Hospitals – 20

Total number of polyclinics (health clinics) – 20

Despite MAHSA University College extensive affiliations with government and private hospitals, the University itself has also set up various clinics within the KL region.

Which includes: 
- MAHSA Medical Clinics
- MAHSA Dental OPDs
- MAHSA Physiotherapy Centers
- MAHSA and LIONS eye Clinic

- Clinical training of students
- Provide service for the community; fees are subsidized by the University College.
- Jobs for graduated students
- Students and their families are entitled for subsidized care in any one of the above facilities.

Not to mention, MAHSA University College also collaborates with few well-known Institutions around the states.

Northumbria University, UK – oldest partner; has approximately 1500 students studying in MAHSA. Largest international student bodies outside Northumbria, UK is in MAHSA.

Teesside University, UK – There has been over 500 students graduated from the Nursing Studies 4+0 program.

Liverpool John Moores University, UK – collaboration on the M Pharn program.

LIJ University, New york, USA – Collaboration to deliver the Masters in Emergency Medicine to clinicians working in hospital set up.

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Super Supre

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Once again , i have to thank Stephanie Kramer and Supre for sponsoring such beautiful pieces of clothes. I love how the blue caught my eye the very moment i opened the package :D

Same goes to the other rest of the clothes. I am quite lucky to say that , thank gosh the shorts fits me well.
Gracias, Supre :)

Do check out there online store : 

Dress : Supre
Heels : Kiss and tell
Accessories: Gifted & Thrifted
Hay : F block

Hype yet :)

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