Chic Pop's 10th Installation

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Hey peepo out there, guess what? Chic Pop is back with their 10th Installation once again , along with Crafty Art Market as well as the Better Weekends.

Well this time is bigger, different and unique than ever. You'll be wondering why would i say it's different than ever? Well this time Chic Pop have incorporated with the inaugutal SWAP Part planned for the day. Isnt it bigger this time.

Have you heard that, " One Girl's Trash is Another Girl's Treasure" ! I am sure you do.

So join their SWAP Party on the day. It's pretty simple to participate. 

1. All you need is to do is come with 3 items ( in good condition, of course) .
2. And donate them for any other 3 items from the SWAP Party.

It's that simple :). They accept clothing, accessories and home decor items as well. What's best about this party is that, all leftover items will be donated to charity.

Therefore, dont be late as their SWAP Part is only limited to the first 100 pax :)

Additionally, they have prepare awesome SWAG;s to giveaway to the first 300 to sign up at the registration as well as Tongue in Chic's own Style Scouts snapping up a storm of stylish suspects ;0


Date: 29th October 2011
Time : 10 am - 6 pm
Venue: Jaya One, 72A Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

See you there, pretty people :)

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Sheer top : Supre
Pleated Skirt : Forever 21
Oxford shoe : Topshop
Bag : Salvotore Ferragamo
Bracelet : Forever 21
Rings : Thrifted & Gifted


Catching up with my hun during the weekend was really a fun thing to do. Every since our new semester start, the changes of us seeing each other has gradually decrease. Imagine we used to see each other every single day to seeing each other perhaps once a week. Thats, a big change. But well that day was abit rushy , as i have to rush from one location to another location. 

Despite it was such a rushy date, but at least it was nice catching with him and wearing my favorite skirt :) Loving the pleated skirt that i bought few weeks ago, and i didnt have the time to pair and wear it. But i am pretty satisfied with the whole entire look that day. I have to thank non other than Supre and Stephanie for sending such beautiful sheer top for me :) I am finding myself wearing it quite often :) Moreover, check out Beyond Your Own Brand as well :)

It was a good combination to match the sheer top and the black pleated skirt with my beloved black and white oxford shoe. My daddy still claims its a boy shoe !! Daddy , it's not okay :p . Dont you think its so cute :) & going along with the bag from my mum :) Old vintage bag, me likey !

I was abit down, despite i lost the one and only and most meaningful thing to me that day. The moment i found out it was gone, my mood when from super energetic to super drain away. I guess the snakeskin blazer cheered me up. :)

As i have mentioned, i was rushing from one location to another. Guess where i went to :)
It was non other than the Youtube Sensation, Jayesslee consert :)

Josh Lim

Jason Ong

Charis Ow

Ming Han

Alicia Tan

Aaron Huang

Justin Mah from Decimal :)

 peace out :)

Went for their press conferences before the concert. I thought i was early but well, i guess i was wrong. The queue outside the stage was massive. All the fans well lining up to get their asses in for the concert. :)
Didnt know the girls' mum was also a breast cancer victim. Was listening to their stories about their mum and how they finally get to overcome it. No doubt, i felt alil emotional at that part . But overall its was good, they sang their famous " Officially Missing You'. ' Price Tag' , ' Just The Way You Are', and many more
I had fun, did you ? :)

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Rain Drops

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I am a happy girl now :) Finally finished my all my 2nd assignment. I deserve some rest man , with a cup of hot coffee and Vampire Diaries right infront of me :) It's good to see how my hard work is finally done ! My gay marriage video is done, my eating healthily video is done, my thousand words essay is done as well. Such a pain in the ass to finish up the essay, but ohh well Amanda Liu Ming Na, you finally did it :) Though assignment is done, but it's still going to be a busy weekend for me , but i am doing something i like. So, why not? 

Yesterday night, Mr Winston my beloved Ex-lecturer fb msg me to help out for a photoshoot for Taylor's SOC brochure ! Wheee ;) i mma gonna appear in the brochure :) It was a fun shoot knowing the Diploma students and there's still shooting for tomorrow as well. :) && Thanks Dominic from ALEXIS , Vol 007 issue is out this Friday ! 
Good things needs to keep coming !

Blazer : H & M Military Blazer
Skirt : Topshop
Flats : H & M
Necklace : Forever 21

The Other Afteroon

  Meet my hun :)

It was taken on one of the afternoon right after Mr Julian's class. Loving our shades.

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It's Jayesslee , Baybeeh !

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Have you heard that Jayesslee is coming to town?

I dont think i need much introduction about them, do i?

You've heard them singing on youtube, seen their picture, knowing them as one of Youtube famous comedian, KevJumba and Ryan Higga's, and Youtube famous sensation, David Choi's friend. At least, that's what i think them to be if you ask me what pops out of my mind the first thing you mention Jayesslee.

They are the one and only, famous Youtube Twin Sensation - Janice & Sonia.

It's pretty ironic how i get to know them. I overheard their cover of  "Officially Missing You" as i was surfing through one of my friend's blog years back. Immediately, i couldn't get that song out of my head. Till now, it's still one of my favorite song from them. Thus, knowing them coming down to Malaysian this weekend, the feeling is ... :D.

Check out some of their acoustic cover ;)

More in their youtube channel. You can check them out at
Concert Details:
Date: Oct 22, 2011
Day: Saturday
Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm
Venue: PWTC Tun Hussien Onn Hall, KL
Ticket Price:
Normal seating – RM120 (STILL AVAILABLE)

Before i sign out, here's my one and only favorite cover from the gorgeous twin :)

Can't Wait To See Them :)

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Stretch That Dollar Bill

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Sometimes being busy is not really a bad thing afterall. I have been busy filming, doing and editing videos and essay for the pass one week, and trust me it has never been that hectic before. Knowing that i have 2 video, one essay, one fact sheet design, one magazine spread sheet design and a magazine style guide all due on the same day. That's insane for sure. Not to mention i have tonnes of upcoming workloads to finish up, but as for that i have to put it as side and worried more on the upcoming ones. It's just too overwhelming as times, but it gives me an excuse to clear my mind off.

With Tiks and Shian. Sweetest girls.

Look how tall is she. Her height is unbeatable, even when i with my heels. (Killer heels)
No wonder Ford Model would pick her the moment they spot her :) Same goes to Tiks !

Top : Street stall
Bottom : Miss Selfridge high wasted shorts
Heels : Forever 21
Shades : Ray Ban
Rings: Gifted, Forever 21
Bangles : Forever 21 & Unknown shop

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Furs & Skins

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It seems like furs and skins are the latest trends now. Its hard to find fur coats or any fur garments here because its so obvious that it's humid country that shines almost everyday. Sometimes i do envy people who lives in the cold country, at least they have the advantage to wear coats, like furry fluffy coats. :) Pweettyy . Anyhow, been spotting some skins garment and bags lately in the magazine and also shops around the mall. They are so pretty and tempting. I do always have a thing for prints, skins, furs :) So fluffy !

Leopard Print Horse Hair Faux Leather Double Clutch Bag.
What i like about it is, its a double clutch bag. I spotted one at this Singapore blogshop but blueks, it doesnt ship internationally.Thats such a disappointment. But found one at eBay :D Yuuuums. Tempt to buy it.
ZARA Large Snake Skin Clutch Bag :)

ZARA Snake Skin Clutch Bag :) 
My favorite ! As i was walking pass ZARA the other day, there was this turquoise snake skin clutch hanging out there and was literally tempting and luring me into the shop. Guessed i shouldn't have walk in after all. I didnt mean it in a bad way but a good way, because this time round their bags collection was... amazing. I see skin skin skin and still skin. Tempting much but the price is even impressive that it could possibly burn a hole in my pocket. Save money mojo mood is ON :) 

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Heals The Best

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Such a moody day today. Been raining in the afternoon and the evening. Even the rain hears my pain sometimes, but i always find a reason to make things better. Did what i am supposed to do , if that's the path that sets the rest of the journey, i 'll just go with it because i've had enough.In order to cheer myself up , i always find pictures to heal the wound.  

Yeap, stefan cheers me up <3

Shoes are girls Best Friend :)

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