Calm the f* down

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People always quote that  fashion comes and go,  but style remains. I am sure that such quotation implies for some people, but for me I am find myself having the urge to open for new inspiration and style.However, that deosnt mean I'm going to neglect my style but sometimes taking a small step out of your comfort zone to experiment new style is not that bad afterall.

Being a follower of mederngypsy and feralcreature myself on instagram, those ladies absolutely changes my perception of snapback. They invent the versatility for snapback to me hahah. Thus, you've probably see how this sloppy yet with a tiny touch of modern gypsy outfit was inspired by. I was ecstatic to finally owned my first snapback, thou it's rather diverse from the headgear that I'll normal wear, but as I said it's alright to experiment new things once while :)

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 photo Untitled-1_zps024d4b23.jpg

 photo IMG_2945_zps1d155e92.jpg

 photo IMG_2949_zpsd2237cb6.jpg

Camou Jacket : Bangkok | Supre bodycon : Credits to amazing Siew Lee | Spike boots & Snapback  : Sturm n Drum 

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Veena Malik doing item Number In Silk Sakkath

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Bollywood Actress Poonam Pandey's Bedroom Secrate

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Meet Miss Slovensko 2013 Finalists

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Beauty Pageant >
* International Pageant > Part Winners Miss World > Road to Miss World 2013 
* International Pageant > Past Winners Miss International > Road to Miss International 2013
* National Pageant > Slovakia
* Miss Slovensko 2013 – Finalists

* Miss Slovensko 2012 - Kristina Krajčírová / Finalists
* Miss Slovensko 2012 or Miss World Slovakia - Kristina Krajčírová ( will to Miss World 2012 )
* Miss Slovensko 2012 (1st RU or Vice Miss) - Denisa Krajčovičová ( will to Miss International 2012 )
* Miss Slovensko 2011 - Watch Full Show
* Miss Slovensko 2011 Winner - Michaela Nurcikova / Finalists
* Miss Slovensko 2011 Winner - Michaela Nurcikova Album
* Miss Slovensko 2011 ( 1st Runner-up ) - Dusana Lukacova Album
* Miss Slovensko 2011 ( 2nd Runner-up ) - Lubica Kvasnicova Album
* Miss Slovensko 2010 Winner - Marína Georgievová / Finalists
* Miss Slovensko 2009 Winner - Barbora Franeková / Finalists
* Miss Slovensko 2008 Winner - Edita Krešakova

Miss Slovensko 2013 pageant to be held on the 14th April 2013 in Bratislave.

Kristina Krajcirova, Miss Slovensko 2012, will crown the new beauty queen who will compete and represent Slovakia in Miss World 2013 and her run-up will enter the Miss International 2013


Miss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Luciana CvirkovaMiss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Luciana Cvirkova
Name: Luciána Čvirková
Age: 19
Height: 178cm.
Hometown: Trebisov
Miss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Simona MudrakovaMiss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Simona Mudrakova
Name: Simona Mudráková
Age: 19
Height: 178cm.
Hometown: Rak
Miss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Karolina ChomistekovaMiss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Karolina Chomistekova
Name: Karolína Chomisteková
Age: 19
Height: 176cm.
Hometown: Oravsky Podzamok
Miss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Alica HoffmannovaMiss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Alica Hoffmannova
Name: Alica Hoffmannová
Age: 18
Height: 176cm.
Hometown: Vlkanova
Miss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Martina BrejovaMiss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Martina Brejova
Name: Martina Brejová
Age: 18
Height: 176cm.
Hometown: Presov
Miss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Julia LassakovaMiss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Julia Lassakova
Name: Júlia Laššáková
Age: 18
Height 176cm.
Hometown: Oravska Jasenica
Miss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Jasmina HodermarskaMiss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Jasmina Hodermarska
Name: Jasmina Hodermarská
Age: 19
Height: 172cm.
Hometown: Kosice
Miss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Veronika ZatekovaMiss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Veronika Zatekova
Name: Veronika Záteková
Age: 20
Height: 172cm.
Hometown: Banska Bystrica
Miss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Simona GersiovaMiss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Simona Gersiova
Name: Simona Geršiová
Age: 19
Height: 172cm.
Hometown: Spisska Nova Ves
Miss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Nikoleta DuchonovaMiss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Nikoleta Duchonova
Name: Nikoleta Duchoňová
Age: 19
Height: 171cm.
Hometown: Trebatice
Miss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Nikola BabjakovaMiss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Nikola Babjakova
Name: Nikola Babjaková
Age: 21
Height: 170cm.
Hometown: Vlkanova
Miss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Barbora LucivjanskaMiss Slovakia Slovensko 2013 Barbora Lucivjanska
Name: Barbora Lučivjanská
Age: 21
Height: 170cm.
Hometown: Poprad

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BEBE : Wishes and Dreams

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When it comes to dreams and wishes, I m sure that every girl have their very own fairytale dreams and endless wishes. Do you agree with me ?

For me, I have to admit I have a list of endless wishes and the most wildest dreams ever. Well, at least it is for me. I dream to be in a magically fairyland and just indulge myself with floral, floral and still floral all around me. As for wishes, as long as anything that catches my eyes, anything that is unique and rare, it will definitely be listed under my wish-list. What's yours then?

And it was just that day, never would I ever thought that such petite and unique pieces of object would make me feel that ecstatic. Sometimes, it's so magical that even the smallest and simplest things in life could enlighten your day.

 photo IMG_2499_zpsa8b5132e.jpg

Tadaaaa, ain't this beauty stunning and classy? You would probably think is just like any other perfume that you stumble upon. However for me,  this BEBE: Wishes and Dreams perfume, just immediately caught my eyes the first time I saw it.

After using it for the first time, I told myself I have to share this on my blog.

Just by the look of the bottle itself, I've already, and absolutely in love the whole design and structure of the bottle. With the shape of the infinity sign and the color of gold , for me it symbolized eternality, edgy, fashionable and bold.

The little beats of crystal laying all over the infinity-shape bottle cover, screams classy and dazzling.
I have my own weakness for crystals and diamonds , I admit I am a sucker for anything with crystals and diamonds on it.

As for the aroma itself, it's filled with floral, fruity, and an exotic woods of ascent. Truly defined youth, sophisticated, and playful.

The composition of the fragrance is developed by Patricia Choux. Ingredients includes : Bergamot, coral freesia, French pear, jasmine, wild violet osmanthus, exotic woods, musk and patchouli.

 photo IMG_2503_zps518d86f0.jpg

Frankly speaking, I am pretty dainty when it comes to choosing perfume. For me, I like it unique yet it matches with everything I wear and suitable with anywhere I go. It's hard for me to find a bottle of fragrance that comes along with those three requirement.

 photo IMG_249211_zps87ea3a93.jpg

I am glad to have found BEBE: Wishes and Dreams, that fulfills all three criteria of mine.
For all the men/ boyfriends out there, if you're having a major headache of what to get for your girlfriend's or female friends, BEBE: Wishes & Dreams may just be your solution to your problem :)

" Wishes & Dreams by BEBE is inspired by eternal beauty and youth that many women aspire to and dream of. " 

Head over to the nearest Sephora, Jusco, Robinsons, and Metrojaya to own and purchase your very own magical BEBE: Wishes & Dreams fragrance only at RM 235 per bottle.

May you have the sweetest dreams & wishes :) & stay tuned for more updates about me and this inexplicable bottle :)

Here's a short outfit post from the day ;)

 photo Untitled-1_zpsd66d2c6a.jpg

 photo Untitled-2_zps85eab8be.jpg

Wearing an amazing piece of embroidery sleeveless blouse with a high-waisted black shorts that I purchase from Bangkok, (Total worth it) along with a leather-jacket and my favorite beanie from Puma :)

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Bollywood Isha Sharvani HD Walpapers

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Nina Agdal Hot Photos

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