Asahi Miami Club @ Soju Room

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  photo 999316_388363661272458_1432147478_n_zps6d6db89c.jpg

Just last weekend, I’ve finally able to attend the long-anticipated Asahi Miami Club event at Soju Room, Penang. 

 photo 1011192_10152042915374741_1779442730_n_zpsb46200c3.jpg

 photo 1013692_10152042915314741_1943952187_n_zps6c1612a3.jpg

 photo 10154_10152042915514741_1765655241_n_zpsf035b2f2.jpg

First and foremost, I’ve to thank the greatest course mate of mine who was being far from kind and generous to drive me down, despite all the hectic traffic and long distance drive from KL to Penang. Second of all, thank you Asahi and Adverlets for making all this happen, a great event with great companion for the night.  

To start of this post, is to start right from the beginning. Sticking our butt on the car seats for 3 hours, or more was really a tiring journey down to the South. To endure the congested traffic as we passed the Ipoh toll was really a pain in the ass, but we still did. Thus, big thank you to Claire, my super-awesome rave bud. who was willing to drive me down. :D  

After a long drive, it's time to pamper ourselves with an all-suite comfort at The Northam Hotel. The place was magnificent. A view facing straight to the beach, witnessing the sunset and sunrise, what more could you ask for an all expenses paid trip, right??  

 photo 480207_10152042915479741_356528248_n_zps8777352a.jpg

 photo 945327_10152042915664741_1494841957_n_zps6d7a62ae.jpg

 photo 934944_10152042915584741_1581215554_n_zps43c2a370.jpg

Me & Claire was so amazed by the Jacuzzi bath tub, and the area, the toilet, and yea.. it was mainly the toilet. Mind us. HAHA. So yea, we lazed around, we order some room service and it was time to get all doll up. In the midst of get ready, Audrey dear come by to joined us. As usual, we girls just cant afford to miss out the pre-camwhore session before stepping our foot out of the room compound. 

  photo 1004420_10152042916769741_713096514_n_zps5059358b.jpg

  photo 970040_10152042916794741_1562501761_n_zpsea35ff8a.jpg 

 photo 942060_10152042917119741_1146899649_n_zps0779e288.jpg

 photo 944149_10151508781096235_1385492728_n_zps687ae9f4.jpg 

 photo 9336_10152042918179741_194710230_n_zps36ee0163.jpg

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 photo IMG_4603_zps97432010.jpg

As the clock strike 10, we were ready to rock and roll :) Words can summarize how great the whole entire event was. To be honest, I'm not exaggerating, I may sound like I am, but I'm not. An enormous poster of Asahi Miami Club welcomes us at the grand entrance; I was feeling rather excited and a little mixed feeling at the same time. However, I hold all my feelings together and just enjoy the night [Symbol]. 

 photo IMG_4613_zps44423597.jpg

  photo IMG_4609_zps435d6e7a.jpg

 photo 946801_10152042916074741_611606799_n_zpsb4b0bd4d.jpg

As we walked along the pathway into the main room, dim lights and photo booth was placed along the side path, seeing the long queue of people with the joy to party all night long just lifted up the whole entire atmosphere with happiness. 

  photo IMG_4655_zps8070bd78.jpg

 photo IMG_4649_zps95218c8d.jpg

 photo IMG_4627_zpsd3eaa9cb.jpg

  photo IMG_4626_zps3611d5fd.jpg
Once we entered into the main compound, EDM and LED lights and massive sound system owned the whole entire room. Not to mention, we were absolutely being treated as a VIP all night long. We were all pampered with continuous free flow of Asahi beer and comfy sofa along with amazing house music by the ever-famous Mr Nasty & Guru Guru, Henrix and Kroyman. Oh yesh, we were pampered well, thanks Asahi. 


It was great to experience such remarkable event with all the closes friends and bloggers. We laugh, we joke, we dance like there was no tomorrow. We practically wish the event will last forever.  

Time does pass by fast when you’re partying. Within a glimpse of an eye, it was already 3am in the morning. As the crowd starts leaving, we were all drenched as well and it was time to go back and lay flat on the comfy bed. 

It was indeed a great night and also by far the best party as well. Thank you Asahi and Advertlets  

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 photo IMG_0850_zpsed2d0a7d.jpg

Late updates and delayed post attentively tells me that 24 hours really isn’t enough for me to spill out all my daily events. However, hang in there with me as I’ll try my very best to make full use of my time to prioritizes what’s more important; including rapid updates for this spaces here.

Recently I’ve started interning in a PR firm which I ‘m starting to feel that, I’ve finally found the right path, perhaps? I can’t judge and conclude everything yet but based on my observation and guidance by my colleagues, at least I see where I’ll be standing and working in 5 years time. Organizing event and to be in the event industry has always been what I wanted, especially in fashion event industries. I guessed it’s definitely the right choose I’ve made to apply for an internship while I’m having my semester break now. Though it’s just one month, but I really I don’t mind experiencing what the real world is. So hope for the best to me, as I dive in to the search of my dream job.

Ahh, so many updates to keep up and I wish I could share every single moment here. So, stay tuned J

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Express Your Love For The Street

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Oh yes , you heard me. Whenever there is anything ' For the Street' , you know is definitely sometime about PUMA. 

Well this time round PUMA is having their second Show Your Love #forthestreet competition on Instagram, after the amazing respond from the first Instagram competiton. For those who have joined the first competition, I'm sure you know how this works. However, as for those who are still new and a completely stranger to this competition, this is what you have to do. 

It's simple :)

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-20at120940PMpng_zpse6c44d01.jpg

1. From now till 7th July 2013, you have to snap a picture of the STREET SIGN of your favorite street and work out 3 words to describe it.

2. Upload the photo to Instagram with hashtags #forthestreet and #my


Isnt it simple.

The winner will walk away with ;

1. A Puma tee printed with the winning photo for the most creative and unique photo of the week.
2. One pair of personalized PUMA Suede for the one overall winner at the end of the contest.

Therefore,  come and join the fun with other instagrammers and you might just stand a chance to be the winner ;)

For more inquires and information :

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All Black Errthang

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Midnight blogging. 
Cant love it more.
All black is the new black .

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LG Fiesta Roadshow @ The Curve

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 photo 723-lg-fiesta--piazza-the-curve_zpsb6e7294a.jpg

In my previous previous previous post about the LG 84inch HD Ultra TV , I've mention about how I was pretty excited to see what is it all about and Just a few weeks ago , I've attended the LG Fiesta Roadshow that was held at from the 7th of June till 9th of June at Piazza , The Curve.

 photo IMG_43881111_zps95bf2e60.jpg

 photo IMG_43941111_zps49eecc15.jpg

It was a Fiesta that was filled with everything technology smart from their awesome LG 84 inch HD Ultra TV to their LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV as well as their Cinema sound home theater. Not to forget, the second most important thing to kick start a Fiesta like this is have a good host for the day, and the event  was hosted by Josh Lim and Chermaine Poo.

 photo IMG_43991111_zpsc6347b53.jpg

 photo IMG_44031111_zps1aa8e104.jpg

 photo IMG_44121111_zpsd0ca477e.jpg

 photo LGTV2_zpsbe138415.jpg

Furthermore, LG Representative was there to guide us and took us a to a little small tour around the booth. He was tremendously good in teaching us and explaining to us how each and every item functions, and what features does each and every television has and demonstrating to us how to make us the features and functions.

The Magic Remote was the my favorite of them all as he was demonstrating. First, it's different from any kind of television remote control and second this remote control does work it;s magic out that day. Pretty impressive! 

 photo IMG_4417111_zps23c1481f.jpg

 photo IMG_441611111_zpseaf75c49.jpg

Me with Audrey dear fooling around with the amazing LG 84 inch Ultra HD TV. Owh, and mind the blur image on the television, because it's in 3D mode thats why we were all given a pair of 3D glasses that day to experience the up-front images floating right infront of our eyes. It was so cool :) .

 photo 1010909_10151486035951235_820059162_n_zps03621148.jpg

Besides then just touring around the booth, LG did came up with a few activities for all the bloggers as well. All of us was grouped in a group of 4 and one of the activities was to perform a gangnam style dance, & what's not a surprise !

It was really a good entertainment for everyone who was there, we laughed, we giggled, we made new friends and it was one of a hell of a great fiesta.

 photo LGTV_zps1588935a.jpg
WIth Audrey dear.

 photo IMG_4429111_zpsc5c40f0f.jpg

 photo IMG_4432111_zpse277dd09.jpg

 photo IMG_4430111_zps4ae0f1f2.jpg
Audrey, Jane, Daniel, Erica and Me.

 photo 945119_10151485963456235_1714166660_n_zpsed5425d5.jpg
Audrey, Josh, Erica and Jane.

Since the theme was Fiesta , us bloggers have all decided to glam ourselves up with popping and vibrant colors. Same goes to the whole entire event as well, the atmosphere was great and suits the theme perfectly well with all the colors, ballons and set up as well.

Last but least, is always perfect to end a post with the product that I think has a ultra good combination. I present you the ;

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV LA8600
 photo LA8600_large_inscreen_01_zpseef8aee7.jpg

and the

9.1 CH Cinema Home Sound Theater

 photo large01_zps6ab62cfe.jpg

I could totally image where and how would i decorate my living room with this two amazing combination. A Cinema TV backing up with these sick ass sound system.

 photo 1st_zps248a24ed.jpg
My ideal living room , with the ultra awesome television and home sound theater :)

 photo 2_zpsb33f0e9f.jpg

 photo Elegant-White-House-property-architectural-interior-designcopy_zpsa4d0d4ab.jpg

If I have a cinema room at my house, this is how I would definitely and 100% sure that I would decorate my cinema room like this with those soft pillows , deem lights and the 60inch monster and 9.1 CH sound system :)

How I wish all these are mine / / and , yesh a girl sure damn can dream :)

Hope you enjoy.
Peace out :) 

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