Red Parade

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Wearing all red and parading the street during the weekend does catches attention everywhere. I didnt pay much attention to that, because i really did wanted to wear that red pants that Ive been hanging in my closet for week. Surprisingly, i love how the monochromatic combination turned out to be. Not to mention, with those water ink effect adding on to the pictures, does bring the feel of the image to a whole new level . 

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Brown day

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A whole sets of brown. I ve been delaying this outfit post for a very long time, I guess the lack me updating this site with outfit has drawn me to upload something Its been a busy week and is going to be even more busier. With another 2,000 words quantitative research paper, a half online CV to be done, and a music recording assessment, it gives me little to filled up this space. I"ll be back ;)

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Mail Boxes ETC

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It was just few weeks back, I attended a small campaign held by Mail Boxes Etc (MBE) at Alamanda Shopping Center along with a few bloggers. It was a small campaign that  Mail Boxes held just to promote their very new MBE Marketing Campaign.

I arrived there pretty early, seeing their set up for the campaign was rather adorable and cute :):). Love how the boxes was arrange and everyone gets to have one of those goodies.

Me along with Hafiz and Audrey dear.

Around 10am, guests start arriving one after another. Right after majority of the guest arrived, it's time for speech time.

For those who does not know what Mail Boxes Etc (MBE) operate as,  there are actually a company that deals with postal service. There are a convenient alternative to the post office. MBE offers a variety of shipping, postal and business service, with convenient locations and provides world-class service.
As for the MBE Marketing Campaign that they introduced to us the other day, it has four phases for the entire year.

The first Phase : October to December 2012 : E- commerce. 
The Second Phase : January to March 2012 : Students
The Third Phrase : April to June 2013 : SME (Smal Medium Enterprise)
The Forth Phrase : July to September : Individual 

No worries, there will be campaigns lined up throughout the year for each phase and there will also be a few contest that MBE will run on their facebook page:)

Please take a time to click on the link below, 

Moreover, MBE will also release a Shipping Guide, it;s basically a One-Stop guide to whatever you need to know, anything and everything about shipping will be on that particular guide book. 
What's interesting is that, MBE is the first to have such a shipping guide, nobody has come up with this yet!! They will definitely release it sometime in Mid-October this year. It will be available in a little booklet for FREE in almost all MBE outlets or you also obtain it from their website, HERE.

Please, spare some time to check out the guide book, especially to those amazing blogshop owners who constantly have alot of parcel to send out to you customer, no harm trying Mail Boxes :)

After all the speech, MBE organized a small game to make the campaign some spice and more memorable. Basically we were put in a group of 4, and this were my team mates, in fact a very good, creative, friendly and nice team mates :)

So we had to create an outfit using polystyrene, rafia string, scissor, duct tape and marker pen. So tadaaa, this was what me and my group created out.  

And it's judging timeeee :)

The Judge panel :)

Us with the judges :)

Basically this part is the demonstration part of how they wrapped, sealed, and shipped a parcel ;) 

 So it ends with a big smileee ;)
with the dearest Stephanie, Zulaika, and Audrey :)

For more information:

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Brianna Acosta Miss Hawaii 2013

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