Rolling In The Deep

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Currently i ve been so obsessed with Adele's Rolling In The Deep . A cover did by Maddi Jane was beautiful, cant blame me for spamming it non stop because her voice is like the voice of angel. I know i may sound as if i am exaggerating but is true that she sound amazing for a kid at her age :)

Anyway, it's been awhile since i ve update my blog because i have been real busy finishing up the assignments. And one down, a few more to go. All i need to do is just to hang in there for two more weeks, and i am done. Besides that , i have been abit depress because i ve gain weight. & I know that i am not in any position to rant about my weight despite of my health. Is just that, gaining weight obviously is not what any girls would wanna know and would wanna hear. I guess i should be happy instead that my health is so much more better then before.







Hun and i ;)

Hype yet :)

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Judas , judas ah ah

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It has been a whole lot of hectic week for me, from one assignment to another. Once again , it feels like its never ending. For real i mean this time i could really feel the impact and the true definition of never ending. The thought that i have tonnes of assignment to follow up , just strikes me out in fear. My CRR critique paper was sure a pin in the ass. Long story, and i am glad is finally done.

Not to mention, been spamming Lady Gaga's song , interview and music video the whole week. Feel so GAGA-fied. Most of all, Judas rocks my socks. Never get bored of it at all.

& last sunday  was IBE 2011 event. So emilie, yingky and i was the hair model and make up model of the day for Yee Ling Lao Shi and Xiao Kai Lao Shi. So this was basically why my hair went from under-boobs length to above-boobs length. I dont care how you describe that but i am gonna describe it that way :)

Ohh yes one more thing :)
Such handsome man:)









Credits to Joel Lee for the photos.

Its my lookbook time :)


Blazer : Miss Selfridge
Top : Topshop
Short: Forever 21
Pump: The october store
Clutch : Forever 21


Love the blazer so much. I ve been eying on that beautiful piece for a very long time. Glad i ve bought it, with no regrets at all ;)

New red pumps alert!! Always wanted to have a red heels or pumps , you call it. So i finally bought one :) Like what hun always tell me, a girl should always have a pair of red heels , its essential for the first date ahahah :D 


Next post will definitely be my second collaboration with Kiss and Tell , once again :)

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I m In Love with Judas

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Thanks so much to all the lookbook members for supporting the Japan Collaboration idea that Johanne and Nathalie came up with. & to Peter Adrian for coming up such a brilliant idea. I was so happy and shock that we entitle collected 14144 hype which means 14144 USD has been donated to Japan. Never thought that such collaboration would so big influence. Thanks Lookbook :)

I know i have been lacked of update, I am certainly rushing my assignments like a mad dog. Dont get me wrong , i dont procrastinate my work , is just that my assignment just keeps coming one after another. 

& i have  new hairstyle now . I literally chopped and trimmed my hair the other day, and it looks beyond short than i ve ever expected. I miss my long hair and is because I wanted it to be long and i insist of cutting it since last year. But ohh well, I just need time to get it over it. :) But to come to think about it , sometimes it looks pretty cool.& i have the privileged to let the famous hairstylist from Taiwan to style and cut my hair. I am truly honored for that. ;) Well the main reason that i have to cut my hair is basically for the IBE event organised by Elite Company. IBE is a beauty fair press conference type of event, where Elite Company have invited Taiwan's best beauty show host followed by hairstylist , make up artist and etc.

It's tomorrow already ;) I'll  just take it as something new.Therefore, hahah I need approximately a year plus for it to grow as long as it use to be . Anyway, here's some updates ;)





Top : Kiss and Tell
Bottom : Bought frm Sungai Wang
Wedges : Forever 21
Headband: Forever 21
Peacock Earings: Self-made






Top: Supre
Bottom: Le-Modemaison

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For Japan

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Johanne. D came up with an idea to group a few members from lookbook to go a collaboration together. However, Peter. A came up with this idea to go a 'For Japan' look to support Japan whom recently had an earthquake. We really hope nothing happens again. To show our love, we did a look for Japan :)
Please hype them too, because they are amazingly amazing :D

However , lookbook was so impressed with the idea ;) They will actually doante $1(USD) relief effoert per 'hype'. OMG, what are you waiting for hype hype :D 

Yours truly :)














Donate here too :)

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There's No Price Tag for friendship

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I have to do this first , even though i am doing my assignment half way Because i am afraid i ll forget to post this up.

Today is the day that we would normally spend time together. Together along with the others babies ;) But this year, is different. This year made me realized how much me and the rest, miss your presence here in Malaysia. But i ll just keep reminiscing those perfect time and awesome moments we used to spend with each other.

You are a great friend , even though sometimes we might pissed each other off but by the end of the day, we're back to square one. I've learned alot from you and also from others through out the years. I do realized listening to your advice , your point of view actually did made me a better person and maybe a bit smarter la HAHA. There's alot of things that i wanna tell you , things that i want you to know, feelings that i want you to acknowledge,  but i guess you should read it alone and enjoy it alone.You will know what i mean later on.

Lastly, happy birthday Chin Sue Zen.
Like what you told me before, we can predict in the future that we will still be best friend. But i have faith that we will , as long as we try hard enough .

P/s : Your reminder has made me realized , quite alot of things :) Thaanks you. Aligato haha

I love you best friend,
may all your dreams come true and have a blast day at Melbourne :)
Its your big day !!


So red ahhaha!

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