You Make Me Feel Like I Am Living In A Teenage Dream

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I used to see how black and white pictures could only just be black and white, and not more than that. And now putting myself in the same position to see thing again, i have a total new perspective. Never thought that such a plain and simple concept of pictures could bring more than just what we see in the surface. What do you think ?

Been looking through alot of B&W picture recently :) & i cant wait to post up the black and white shoots i did with mandy. Credits to dwayne foong :)
A small sneak peak here :)



So last weekend, My partner in crime, Mandy and i went for the Chic Pop market 8 that was located at Jaya One. The moment we stepped in to the location , it was crazily filled with people. To be specific enough, young pretty girls searching for close high and low. The stalls were practically sticking which one another like paper and glue. It was rather a fun and exhausted day in the same time 

Chic POP Street Market will now be a part of the Markets at Jaya One. A 3-in-1 market that features a whopping combination of  Chic Pop Street Market , Crafty Art market and Better Weekends. I was lucky enough to meet Gwen Yeoh from Tongue In Chic at the Chic POP market. Even lucky enough to bumped in a few mates that i haven been seeing them in ages.

Here's some pictures taken from Mandy' camera:) This was taken at Jaya One Pop Chic Flea market :)
Credits to my partner in crime :D


the one and only , Mandy Chan .  visit her blooog :)




Delicious food , Yumms





Credits to Mandy :)


Speaking about Chic Pop, instantly reminds me about Tongue In Chic:) You stylish and fashionable people out there, are you interested in taking up a stylish challenge?

So here's a great chance for you to not only unleash you extraordinary and unique talent and skill in styling but to also win away fabulous and glamorous prizes ;)

Parkson, in collaboration with Tongue in Chic, will be hosting an upcoming style challenge called 'So You Think You Can Style'. It's a competition that mashes the adrenaline from The Amazing Race together with the fashion vogue-ness of, Project Runway, where teams of 3 will have to fight out a style wars to create the most chic ensemble. Three sets of style kits worth RM1,000 filled with goodies and prizes is up for grabs for the top three teams.

So what are you waiting for ?

Have you got the couture chops?

Grab your two best girlfriends and put together a team of style warriors in the "So You Think You Can Style" challenge, jointly organized by Parkson Malaysia and Tongue in Chic.

10 teams of three will battle it out on 23rd July 2011 to see who will walk away with prizes totaling RM6,000 worth. Sent your entries in now and stand a chance to win the loot - as well as the delight of being able to exclaim, "Yes, I do indeed have style"!

If you think you've got what it takes or you just want to come along and play, here's what you need to do:

1. Gather a team of three people (two members will take the role as stylists and they will have to dress up the remaining member)
2. Send an email to with the name, address, IC, contact numbers and a photo of all three members in that team. 3. Wait for the good news.
Do you think you've got what it takes? 

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Waking Up In The Morning To Realise Things Change

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Top : MYNT
Blazer: sg wang
skirt : miss selfridge
heels : forever 21
rings : forever 21 and diva







This was taken at my hun's place :) I love how the pictures turn out to be . We did a few shots here and there at his place and my favourite pictures is definitely in his room pictures. I love how the background and the bedsheets colous turn out to be :)




This was what i wore for kah yan's birthday celebration. What ruin my day was  the flu i had , out of no where. :( Anyway , the skirt is from kiss and tell :) Thanks michelle and beatrice for everything. I love yooou both :D

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Down Pour The Lonely Road

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My semester break has officially started :) So a month ago , Michelle from kiss and tell and i did our second collaboration for new collection. This time round, the outfit was very playful and funky , wasnt to formal or serious but casual and comfy.  & now we re working on our 3rd collaboration. cant wait for her to come back from melbourne :) Thanks michelle

And my baby girl is coming back to town . Miss her loads !

Let the collection begin. :)



















My usual lookbook time :)



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You know what mum , if you and pa is planning to tied me on like this forever. This is it,  from now onwards i am going to prove it to you despite how naive you think i am, that i still have my own goal and dream to chase on. You say you support me but i think thats just a cover up line . You cant always expect people to give you the best , there's also a risk to take in everything you do, you know. You can say that i am still young , i dont know how the world is but if i dont try and acknowledge how the feeling of falling how am i going to know how to stand up from it. You always say , i ve been through the road that you have been through, isnever wrong to listen to me. Well you think i dont know?? At least give me a shot to try those pathway and barriers. As i said before, i know i ll regret but at least i learn something. Sometimes, i am really trying hard to respect you and love you like how other daughters love their parents. But is just that every single things you guys did, always make it so hard for me to love you guys more.

Things dont come in a package that says is free of charge. Everything you do , you buy , there is an investment in it okay. Dont put your expectation so high , because youre not a superstar. You always think whatever i offered you is bullshit and whatever ryan offered you is gold. If you dont want to support me in it, i am not going to force you, then i guess i ll have to do it on my own. Even if i fail, at least i learn from it. I am not a survivor , i know. But is a life time opportunity even though i know is a big risk to take. I cant assure i ll make it , but at least i want try it out. If i want to achieve something , it have to start from sketch.

I know i am not an ideal daughter to you both, and i am sorry for that. This is just who i am.

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There's A Firer Starting in My heart

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A Michael Schmidt Photography









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