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Being able to work at Urbanscape does kills all my curiosity about what Urbanscape is about. My ear have been stuff about about how awesome was last year's Urbanscape and is a must go for this year by people and my b all year long,  my mind went blank for a second at first,  and I asked what is URBANSCAPE?

Urbanscape is practically like a normal event but bigger with mini concerts, bazaar stores, and entertainments everywhere you go, and for me I conceive is a place that they gather hipsters and hippies. Considering to be there for the first time, I would say the people there brings hipster to a whole new level.

Moreover, it was diverting working with the girls, people there basically recognizes us all for been the noisy bee bussing around the field and the pavement. Oh well, at least we were having fun.

More updates on fashion fanatic soon, cant wait to get everything solve up and done with my quota space.  

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The E=Library: ss2 Mall

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The first e -Library is now open at SS2 mall. I m the name The Library sounds pretty familiar to the people who lives around Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, however now The Library have open a whole new iconic brand called The E-Library that is , once again, located at SS2 Mall

The E for stands for  electronic, entertainment. and excitement. This new Library at SSTwo Mall sees an evolution of the brand and carries an electronic theme –the first of its kind among all The Libraries. It has an entertainment zone decked out with a gaming area equipped with cool Xbox Kinect, Daytona and touch screen games, a pool table as well as a e-darts section. For the songbirds, there’s also karaoke rooms where you can sing your hearts out. There’s really something for everyone at The Library at SSTwo Mall!

Just last week I was thee to attend an event called bloggerton is was an amazing event whereby bloggers are all gather together to enjoy the new concept and participate in their exciting games such as e-Darts, Pool Games and Daytona. 

We needed to form a group of three and compete with others in order to stand a chance to win amazing prizes. Thus my team mate consist of Audrey, Christine and me myself .

Since the only FAMILIAR game i know is Darts, thus i choose to play darts.

As for Audrey, pool.

Christine, Daaytonaaa ;)

Unfortunately we dint not won the competition, but heey... at least those girls won the competition. 

Overall, it was a great night. meeting people that I ve haven been seeing in awhile  and it is a great time to just catch up with them. :)

Last but not least, for more updates on future events and promotion , check out their facebook page and like them :)

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GlamTags x SugarplumCandyFloss

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First and for all, a sincerely big thank you to Glam Tags once again for the amazing necklace. 

Before I start, I just needed to confess that today is a day whereby i have a love hate relationship with the weather. I woke up to a morning where the sun just couldn't stop glaring and it was so hot that i could feel it penetrating into my skin. I thought perhaps maybe i could wait a little while before i continue my work for the day, and the rain decided to drop by to pour  there goes my afternoon. 

And since the weather had spoiled my mood entirely, I planned to do something different for glamtags. A tiny shoot at my garden with my my floral hair wear. 

Hweii Chiee from GlamTags was genuinely enough to sponsor me another necklace. This time round,  is the premium range necklace with my name on it :). What so different about this necklace is that, it is much thicker and solid then the previous necklace I received from GlamTags and do noticed that I choose to insert a small crystal at the alphabet A there ;)

Well it's optional for you whether do you want to add any additional decoration to your necklace.

Code : Premium Name Necklace
- Made of 100% Genuine 925 Sterling Silver.
- Option of 18K White Gold / Yellow / Rose Gold plating for only RM20 more.
(Highly recommended) 
- May add heart crystal or circle czech crystal for an additional RM35 to the personalized name handphone charm.
- Up to 5 letters. Additional letters will be RM2 each. 
RM160 onwards 

E.g : (For 5-letter name) RM160 + 20 (Gold plating) + 3 (Icon) = RM183

There also come in three sizes.

1. Mini (2-2.5cm) : 40cm chain
2. Standard (3-4.5cm) : 40cm chain
3. Large (5-6cm) +RM30 : 40cm chain

Mine is the standard size premium necklace.


If you really like having a necklace and is custom made with your name on it.

 Stand a chance to win RM 50 from the organizer and get yourself a necklace at a cheaper rate :) You can use the voucher for Christmas and Valentine Day's gift as well ;)

All you need to do is;
1. LIKE GlamTags : you win yourself RM10 GlamTags Voucher
2. LIKE & SHARE GlamTags : you win yourself RM15 GlamTags Voucher

photograph by the amazing, zach joseph.

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White blazer: The Mode House | White Slack : H&M | Fur Clutch : Taobao | Black Mary-Jane: Payless

Indulging myself with so much purity with the color of white, that is something new i have to say. To dress myself in all white has never been my comfort zone, it is really something unusual for me to undoubtedly pulled out a whole set of white apparel and wear it. I guess I am slowly experiencing the uncomfortable zone of mine, that has been haunting me for decades. 

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Petronas Solar PV

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It is proudly to announced that Malaysia's single largest rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system, a green energy initiative undertaken by the one and only PETRONAS, has been up and running on the roof-top of Suria KLCC shopping mall. I am pretty sure that not many of you might know but it is here now.

10th of October 2012, is the day that the system was launched and introduce to everyone is Kuala Lumpur. The official launch of PETRONAS 1st Solar Photovoltaic Installation was held at Level 6, Sky Lobby, Tower 3, KLCC.

It is joint initiatives of PETRONAS and Mitsubishi Corporation to paves way for other green technology initiatives. It all started in 2010, where Mitsubushi Corporation began to explore ways to actively support PETRONAS in the field of environmental protection and environmental sustainability, which culminated in as agreement, in October 2010, to jointly undertake this project. Through this collaboration program. Mitsubishi Corporation agreed to provide the funding needed to design and install the system along with its expertise in solar power technologies and infrastructure.

The event started of with a welcoming remark by Encik Hashim Wahir, the Group Chief Executive Officer, KLCC Sdn Bhd. 

 Quoted :
 "The Installation of the Solar PV Panels at Suria KLCC takes us all a step further in sustainability development via renewable energy. This is very much in line with the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water vision to ensure sustainable development and conserve the environment for future generations, because they are after all the leaders of the future. .... I Strongly believe that revelation of the Solar PV Panels today is a significant step that will impact individuals, business and the nation as a whole. It puts us on part with green practice around the globe."

Next followed by YBhg Datuk Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin, the Chief Operating Officer, PETRONAS.

"Business plays a major role in helping to protect and enhance the environment and society. In today's landscape, the natural environment has become a key strategic issue in the business world. Through implementing sustainability strategies, organizations can integrate long-term profitability with their efforts to protect ecosystem. .... PETRONAS embarked on this Solar OC Installation Project in April 2011 with the aim to increase our efficiency, generate energy savings and develop technical capability in solar PV via the transfer of technology know-how. ... Lastly, we hope that this long standing partnership with all the parties involved, will support future collaboration for mutual prosperity whilst promoting the efficient use of renewable energy"

Speech by Mr Kazuyuki Mori, the Senior Vice President of Natural Gas Business Division A, Mitsubishi Corporation.



" I hope that the installation of the first solar PV system at Suria KLCC will pave the way for the future diffusion and practical use of PV technology in Malaysia. And we look forward to strengthening our special relationship with PETRONAS through continued exploration of further collaborative opportunities around the world."

Last but not least, speech by YB Dato' Seri Peter Chin Fah Kui, Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Malaysia.



"The Contribution by PETRONAS with their largest solar PV installation on the rooftop of a shopping mall is commendable as it certainly makes a significant contribution towards achieving our long term target. The Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water is committed to green technology as it it imperative for us as a nation to overcome environmental degradation, improve health and lives, protect eco-system and contribute positively to the economy."

With the expertise of both organization, PETRONAS and Mitsubishi Corporation, the challenge of mobilizing 7,000 solar panels, 2,000 sets of mounting structures and 600 tones of equipment was completed in just over seven months.

The process was down during midnight hours only to prevent disruptions during normal operation hours at Suria KLCC and the adjacent billings.

The clean energy generated from the system contributes to the reduction of carbon emission of approximately 360,000kg of carbon dioxide a year. It is able to generate power capacity of up to 600 Meawatt annually while electricity produced is equivalent to powering ip to 250 households and 6,500 energy saving fluorescent lightbulbs for 12 hours daily.

PETRONAS Utilizes 6 different technologies:
  1. Mono-crystalline silicon
  2. Poly-crystalline silicon
  3. Copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) thin film
  4. Tandem thin film
  5. Copper indium selenium (CIS) thin film
  6. Hybrid heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer (HIT ) 

    Crystalline silicon (c-Si)
    Well-established technology, Well understood engineering materials, Stable; The best performance among PV technologies.
    Two types are mono- and poly-crystalline silicon
    o Mono:higherefficiencyandhighercost
    o Poly:lowerefficiencyduetograinsandlowercost

    Thin Film
    (HIT & tandem)
    Costs of manufacturing are higher than alternatives, Not flexible, Heavy,
    Made of hybrid: amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon with varies configuration to optimize the performance Uses small amount of Si,Simple manufacturing process, Light, Flexible
    Performs well in diffused and direct sunlight

    (Note: CIS is CIGS without Gallium)
    Lower cost than crystalline silicon, Offer better performance than c-Si in diffused sunlight environments, Lower weight and smaller size compared to wafer silicon
    Potential for more efficient manufacturing processes and lower cost that c-Si, Potential for new applications in Building- 

Being able to stand there and witness and see the solar PV Panels with my own eyes, it was truly amazing. I mean how rare are you allow to stand side by side with a solar pv panels. Therefore a big thank you to PETRONAS & Advertlets for giving me a chance to be there :)

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