Petronas Reimagining Photography Chinese New Year Contest

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Chinese New Year is a symbol of an actual new beginning of life,year and dreams. I am sure everyone have their very own favorite moment of Chinese New Year,well  be it the reunion dinner, the visiting and as well as receiving red packets. :)

For me, what's best about Chinese New Year would be the part where everyone come together and "Lou Shang" :) Is a tradition that every Chinese New Year , it is a must to at least have one or more then one time of what we called " Lou Yi Shang'. Its my favorite moment of Chinese New Year because first of all, it gathers every single one in your family to the table, and second of all it is a time where everyone can make a wish and hope that their dreams would come true. Your wish  could be about career, education, marriage, relationship, health and wealth as well. And lastly, that dish there ..taste damn good :)

So that practically summarize why i chose this picture for the Petronas Reimagining  Photography Contest.My theme for this picture would definitely be " Lou Yi Shaang AHHH !!"

 Thanks to Petronas for coming such great idea for everyone to share their moments.

So, whats your favorite moment of Chinese New Year?
Join the Petronas Reimgaing Photography Contest by Submit a picture of your favorite reimagining picture to their facebook page :)

1. Like the PETRONAS page at Here
2. Capture photos that you think it represent your interpretation of Reimagining Energy.
3. Submit your photo according to your category via PETRONAS' facebook page ( and you might stand a chance to win great prizes up to RM 2000 !

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This Little Girl

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How is 2012 been treating you so far ? Well for me it's been pretty good and fine, i guess. Just that i am feeling abit outdated because i ve been missing out so much fun with the bunch that i normally attend events with. Work and freelance job has definitely took up partially or maybe half of my time. Not to mention, i have been treating my house more like a hotel now. I ll sleep through the morning breeze and wake up in the late afternoon and out before sunrise. Its like i am an owl but a human owl. I don't get to see my parents often, and hmm it's starting to be an issue for them now. They nag but not mad, and it frustrates me more. Who like to get nag when youre so damn tired by the time you got home from work? Hopefully when college starts, which is exactly one month from now, things will go better. My biologically clock is pretty damn screwed up now, how am i ever gonna get used waking up 7am in the morning when i ve been waking up so late almost for more than a month. Major got owned by that now!. 

Sheer top : Singapore
White Slacks : H & M
Black Wedges : Kiss and Tell
Studded Necklace : Forever 21
Rings : Thrifted & Gifted.

It's Chinese New Year few days ago. The same old traditions just never fail to make me go all excited with. Reunion dinner with the whole entire Liu Family. Visiting from one house to another. Movies with the lovely and most amazing siblings and cousins. What's more awesome about Chinese New Year, it the AND POUS' , which is known as those little red packets filled with money $$$ insides. ;) Lovely.

Caleb boy is all grown up now:)

Meet half of my cousins :)

My mum makes the best dumplings ever. I can literally gallop the whole thing within a second. i swear!

Cheerios ;)

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Helllo 2012

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It's a brand new year starting from now :)
May the year of  2012 be good to us, 
because i kick start mine with the best gift that god have ever gave me.

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It's PETRONAS again

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I always think that Chinese New Year commercial always , as in like always never fail to portrait out good value of life. For the pass few year, PETRONAS has created and filmed many heart warming and heart catching Chinese New Year commercial.

Don't you people just have that feeling whereby you're so into the commercial that sometime you'll reflect it on yourself and putting yourself in the shoes of the characters? For me by far the PETRONAS Chinese New Year commercial was my favourite.

Well this year, how could PETRONAS ever missed a chance to bring everyone a step closer to their family once again. This year, PETRONAS did it again with their lasted Chinese New Year Commercial.

Check it out :)

 This Chinese New Year, PETRONAS stays true to the common tradition and values that brings and gather all the Malaysians together in the underlying messages of its television commercial (TVC) to usher the year of the Golden Dragon. The whole entire 2 minutes plus of the video actually summarize the idea of ' Coming Home' and stick to you roots and tradition no matter where you are.

The video was shot in Malaysia, England, Belgium, China and India consisting with six separate yet intertwining stories of each individuals around the world, who no matter how far they have come in life, always stay true to their roots and traditions. Thats what i find it interesting much, all this years PETRONAS have been advertising about family love and appreciation. This time round i guess it's a little different, that's what attracts me in it.

Through the commercial, the stories revolves around with a few individuals, as i have mention, living all around the world. Among others, the stories revolve around a dentist posted to a rural part of India celebrating the New year with his family in his home country via Skype, follow by a little boy in China who struggle to work hard just to earn some money for his family just so he could have  having a simple dinner with his family during Chinese New Year. Same goes to a young girl in London working two jobs to earn a living and still yet able to ' celebrate' Chinese New Year with her extended family, which is her customer.

The purpose of the TVC is to show that  in life, there are many struggles and obstacles that we are bound to come across. For example, be it working for two jobs at once or having to be the head of the family at a young age. It's how each of these individuals or us have to adapts to the changing times, and those challenges into opportunities. Changing the negative to positive.

“The TVC is meant to celebrate not just the Year of the Dragon, but the spirit of perseverance, adaptability and determination as captured in each of the stories it depicts. This energy is something that should inspire us all as we navigate through the challenges we face in life,” said PETRONAS’ Senior General Manager of Group Corporate Affairs Division, Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah.

“It is this innate spirit of resilience, energy to see opportunity, energy to go on, improve and move on while staying true to our values that we wanted to portray in our TVC. It is this same spirit that forms the core of PETRONAS’ corporate positioning, Reimagining Energy™ which emphasises and celebrates the resilience of the human spirit to excel in whatever we do. ” he added, speaking at a special media preview of the TVC.

Interested in joining the campaign organised by PETRONAS? Definitely you and all your friends can participate in the photography contest that PETRONAS collaborate with Leica Camera AG, with the theme " Reimagining Energy".

It's pretty simple to join the competition:
1. Like the PETRONAS page at Here
2. Capture photos that you think it represent your interpretation of Reimagining Energy.
3. Submit your photo according to your category via PETRONAS' facebook page ( and you might stand a chance to win great prizes up to RM 2000 !

“Energy is everywhere, in everything we do, and especially at this time. It could be the excitement and the bonding during the reunion dinner, or it could be the hustle and bustle of shopping for and decorating the home. It could even be a portrait of the wise grandfather of the family, or a picture of the lanterns that light up our cities,” explained Dato Mohammad Medan.

Prizes will be awarded to the individuals of the winning photos. These photos will also be displayed and exhibited at Galeri PETRONAS.

 For more exciting surprises, the public may visit PETRONAS’ YouTube page (

Happy Chinese New Year, my lovelies !

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Singapore Again

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