Its a Red Day

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Dress : Phat Culture | Red Blazer : Topshop | Heels Scandal : Zara

It's been a while that I've been drowning myself with colorless outfit and dominate the monochrome colors. A change of taste from absolutely adoring the vibrants to world shipping the monotones, I have found my comfortable zone in black and white. So here's a little color so spice things up. 

It's a red day. 

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 photo IMG_6336_zps0142e437.jpg

A casual day out with the boy the other day, wearing my favorite PYREX tee that I bought from Korea. :) And yes, those amazing memories just cant quite seem to fade away. Lately , I've been feeding myself with much fashion inspiration from Seoul and Japan. It's amazing how they look incredible stylish event with just a New Balance sneaker , sweater and skinnies. Isn't it just insane ! 

From my perception, I believe that there is a rare amount of people who could master the skills of effortless basic outfits. It takes one special person out of 10 to actually have such lucky talent, I shall call, to be so be so effortlessly chic.

Owhh, have you check out my latest feature in Tongue In Chic

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There had been rumors in the wind and shadows shifting in the dark. Tales of creatures of the night and music coming alive. It's a night were two legendary superheroes leading a horde of an insane titans, set on a path to blow your minds off. Heed the words of caution as this is not for the faint-hearted. Rumors, they are certainly not. Therefore, let me welcome you the WICKED FESTIVAL 2013.

Being a legendary themselves, AXWELL the King from Swedish House Mafia who pilots the crew couldn't be a more suitable candidate to lead such a Wicked Festival !! Not to mention, who else is going to save the world tonight? Well, is none other then my all time EDM DJ favorite ZEDD. I m sure this two EDM artists is no longer a stranger to all ravers.

For the first time in East Asia, this incredibly young prodigy will hit our very own stage and shed us some clarity. I cant wait to party all night with he's all time hit track, Clarity, Spectrum and many more tracks such as Follow You Down, Shave it Up, Lost At Sea and so much more. He's amazing talent did not only produce amazing tracks for Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, P.Diddy, Swedish House Mafia, Skrillex, Eva Simmons but also awarded Billboard #1 dance track of 2012 and he has touched miliions and millions of people around the world. Today, his performance mesmerize millions in mega festivals like Tomorrowland, Stereosonic, Lollapalooza, Ultra Music Festival and many more.

Not to forget, the Swedish House Mafia superhero AXWELL is definitely no stranger to everyone and to the Grammy Awards as well.He has won numerous awards from the like of Beatport, Billboard, MTV and mega festivals such as Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Stereosonic and many more. Today, Axwell is arguably the best EDM artiste in the world with the hit track of Dont You Worry Child, Greyhound with the Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello. 

Besides that , there will me various talents that will melt your brains as No_ID from Amsterdam takes the stage along with DJ Nikki, BATE, Hightech, RAMSY Westwood and Captain Ed. Dont tell me you cant feel the excitement now ???

Well it's true that no one els is more fit to lead the first ever Wicked Festival in Asia. Therefore, Wicked Entertainment proudly presents to you Axwell as the headlining artiste, Zedd and other mind blowing super talents to lead you through and incredible journey. 

Details on this amazing festival.
Event : Wicked Festival 2013
Date : 23rd November 2013
Venue : Sepang International Circuit

Go grad your tickets now, because they are ready to purchase for :

RM 129 (Presale)
RM259 (VIP)

Tickets are available at , Rock Corner & Victoria Music Centre at all major shopping malls and Muscle Mania outlets.

Besides that I'll also be having a giveaway , so you might just be the lucky one who received it ;)

All you need to do is leave your full name and email and I will randomly pick your name. 
Winners will be contacted through email :)

Once again, mark you calendars as the year draws to an end.
November 23.
Sepang International Circuit


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Vest and Floppy Hat : H&M  | Leather Shorts & Sling Clutch : Korea | Stripes Top : Yours Truly Lady | Boots : Sturm n' Drum

Here's an outfit update, like finallyyy !! ;p

With assignments due date approaching, with so many things coming up , I m literally feeling suffocated just by thinking about it. Moreover, with so many doubts and indecisive matter to overcome n solve, sometimes I really feel like leaving this place and move to a place where I could just do whatever I want. AT this point, I really miss Korea so much. While I was in korea, it feels like I could do anything I want. I love the culture, I love the people, I love the streets , I love the cafe , I just love everything.

It sucks to come back to reality, thinking about what I should do next ,  however this is life. I must fight till the end and as for Korea, I 'll definitely be back soon. 

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All Hail Saint Laurent.

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 photo SaintlaurentYves2_zpsf930bd3d.jpg

 photo SaintlaurentYves_zps04ef329b.jpg

 photo SaintlaurentYves5_zps2dc85868.jpg

 photo SaintlaurentYves6_zps7c54881a.jpg

 photo SaintlaurentYves1_zpsef1344d9.jpg

 photo SaintlaurentYves7_zps1a9b9e32.jpg

I cant quite seem to get over the amazing runway show from Saint Laurent during the Paris Fashion Show. It's absolutely chic, androgynous, simple and yet everything looks so clear cut. 
Minimalistic and bold 

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Monochrome day

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 photo IMG_2865_zpse1382961.jpg

 photo IMG_2870_zpsb5812956.jpg

Yes, it's monochrome day during the weekend. Pairing my new 88 wolf t shit with a leather pants and over a white blazer with a wedges. It's been so so long since I last touched this pair of wedges, I never know why I didn't like wearing it, but it looked so good when I took it and wore it out that day. However, the material of the shoe is getting alil rusty and its abit pealing at the side. You know how you museum your shoe for a very long time and when you finally decided to wear it the material of the shoe just start falling apart ! I think is time you ransack my shoe rack and bring the babies out for a polish :)

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Hello Neighbor

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My favorite boys.

Last few weeks ago, I did a mini getaway with the boy and a few of my close friend down to the land of our neighbor. It was a well planned trip down to finally able to witness our all-time favorite DJ, HARDWELL. If you have never heard about him before, take a time off to heard the track below to experiences what's like being a dreamer. 

Perhaps this rings a bell. 

It was an epic night ever, cant imagine it came by and pass off so fast. I still remember we bought our tickets 2 months before the show and straight away when it was out. Reminiscing the moments, it was a great one indeed. Nonetheless, we roam around the city and did a lil photoshoot outside Pasir Ris and I finally get to try the ever famous Laduree . 

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Are you excited for Halloweeennn :)

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Through out all the years, I've notice that when it comes to Halloween, it seems that not everyone is keen on dressing up in their favorite Halloween costume. Not to mention, when I say Halloween costume, I meant in the sense that people really dressing up as Wonder Women, Batman, or Jason in Nightmare in Elm Street. Well I guess it's just the culture here itself, if one doesn't dress up, everyone just decide not to dress up as well. To be frank , I used to have such mentality because I was so effected by the thought that if I'm the only one dressing up I would probably look like a freak on the street. But now that I think again, if everyone thinks the same way, Halloween won't be fun at all. Therefore, I think that those who wants to dress up so badly but is too afraid to dress up, it's your time now to dress up all you want during the Allianz Halloween Event.

 photo AllianzHalloweenEventInvitation_zps00138cfa.jpg

P/S : Not to forget, to all my blogger readers, if you are interested in joining me and the other bloggers for this coming event please RSVP by contacting Vivien at or 012-5765633

Here's the details :

Event : Allianz 1942 Halloween Event

Date : 31.10.2013

Time : 6pm onwards

Venue : Renoma Cafe Gallery,  Lot 510, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, KL

Before I start ranting what should i wear during the Halloween Event, here's a short brief of the event. 

The very main objective of this event held by Allianz Malaysia, is to gather everyone to involve in socializing and get to know more about Allianz Malaysia itself. Besides that, this event is held to introduce the brand awareness of Allianz Malaysia and its four products, which is ;

Not to mention, as the holiday season approaches, it is important to ensure that your home is secured before you travel either by flight or on the road.Moreover, carrying cash around during the holiday is pretty dangerous as well. Therefore, it's always safer to have a secure policy such as Allianz ATM Shield. It protects its policy holder if their cash is robbed outside an ATM machine.

So now I m sure you have a better picture of the whole entire objective of the event.

 photo sexy-women-halloween-costumes_zps1b0a33a2.jpeg

Now, what should I dress up as during the Halloween party ? 

There's so many things going through my head now. Some of my friends told me I should dress up as CL (my favorite leader from 2NE1) , but she's too amazing I don't think I m able to dress up like her ! Haha, I initially thought maybe I should dress up as a police women, or a princess hahah or perhaps a nurse. All the respond I got was, "it's too common", "you must dress to be the outstanding one to win the prizes". What a headache, never knew finding a halloween outfit could be so difficult. 

 photo Halloween2_zps453a1920.jpg

 photo Halloween3_zps81de01ff.jpg

 photo Halloween1_zpsfd869f77.jpg

 photo Halloween_zpsb724f3dd.jpg

I've been searching various Halloween outfit inspiration ! Hope I m able to decide what I want to be on that day. About the prizes, well besides dress well to impress, we have to dress wild to win. I wish i could win away something that night, I guess that's probably what i look forward to. So many amazing prizes to win away such as ; 

1. Travel Voucher worth RM3, 000
2. Samsung Galaxy Camera
3. Ipad Mini
4. Nokia Lumnia 620
5. H&M Cash Voucher
6. Dining Vouchers


P/S : Not to forget, to all my blogger readers, if you are interested in joining me and the other bloggers for this coming event please RSVP by contacting Vivien at or 012-5765633

Lastly a great thank you to Allianz Malaysia.
Website :
Facebook :

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