The Wanted

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Putting aside everything about fashion, it's time to put on my fan girl mode :D Being a small tiny unknown fan of The Wanted, I ve been loving their song for a long time. Being able to be part of meeting them, it's really a once in a life time experience to finally see then in person.

On 20th September, with the courtesy of Advertlets I was extremely lucky enough to meet The Wanted. The Wanted is a global British boy band sensation( YUUMS), and with their chart topping hits like " Glad You Came" and "Chasing The Sun", it was in town for their debut concert in Sunway Lagoon on 17th September 2012. In conjunction, the boys were also invited to be special guest to officiate the launch of Bravado Merchandise at F.O.S as well. 

Along with the CEO if F.O.S, Mr. Ho and Senior Business Development Manager of Universal Music Malaysia, Mr. Khoo Hsien Li , has officially launched Bravado Merchandise at F.O.S 1 Utama on 18th September 2012. This marks an iconic partnership between the world's #1 music company togethwe with one of the largest and fastest growing fashion apparel retail chain in Malaysia.

The line queu was crazy.. and the fans screaming and singing to the song of The Wanted. Now that is one hel of teen fans there :) What an overwhelming cheers and declarations of love from over 500 fans :)

So the moment was finally here, the footsteps of the boys was well heard by everyone on the spot. Seeing them entering F.O.S one after another , it's like telling me that my dreams has finally came true to see SIVA KANESWARAN in person. No doubt, he was the first to enter.

The crowd immediately went head over heels over them, and the sound of cheering was amplified to the maximum and the atmosphere was just giving me goose bump all the way. I was there with my dearest and along with other bloggers to witness such memorable scene ;)

I am sorry to spam but I do have a huge, enormous, gigantic crush on Siva :) He look so damn good in person, not to say he looks bad in music video, but i like him in real life :) He is such a... heartthrob ! 

I was trying so hard to capture the best and nice and not to mention a clearer shot of him :) 

Max and Jay :)

So thats my baby.. memorizing her moment with Tom Parker :) 

It ended really well :) all the fans were satisfied and happy. As for me, it ended with a kiss on the cheek:) .Happy girl noaw !

End :) Have a great weekend girls


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Wild and Rare

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photograph by Zach Joseph

Jacket : Sturm n Drum | Skirt: Zara | Boots : Kiss and tell

Being inspired so badly by the one and only person I admire, I decided to placed myself out of my comfort zone to experience a new twist of adventure. Indeed it gave me much realization and surprise to see how a tiny small camera can do so much out of it. As well as to know that the boy has a hidden potential in photography. Credits to him and the ever tiny camera :)

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With my spike

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Photograph by Zach Joseph.

 Thanks to the amazing Sturm and Drum , for having such a sick and fantastically good material boots on rack. I just came to notice that majority what I wore is from Strum n Drum :). Take a look at Sturm n Drum on facebook, they have a great deal of amazing item sold.

An empty street at the construction side on a windy day was just perfect day to take my pretty spike boots out for a spin yesterday. It was incredible comfortable to an extend that I didn't want to take it off.    & a big thank you to the amazing photographer of the day. I was indeed beyond impressive with the result. 


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Burberry Prorsum Women’s Spring Summer 2013 Collection

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With New York Fashion Week just ended exactly today, I am sure many of you are still having the runway mojo-ness in you :) Indeed it was an implausible show with well fed with so many talented designer for this whole entire week to us.

& if you still can get enough of Fashion Week, here's a good news for you. Collaborating with Priority Communications, we are  proud to present you that on 17th September, there will be Burberry Prorsum Women's Spring Summer runway show streaming LIVE on SugarPlumCandyFloss.

Notice the small video playing above this post, yeaps the show will be streaming live there from Hyde Park, London on 17th September, 11pm Malaysia time (4pm London time).

A small sneak pek on how the show will looked like :)

:) Counting down the days !

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Clear Cut

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Taobao Pink Blazer and Floral Shirt | Kiss and Tell Shorts | See by Chloe Bag

My uni life is sucking me in so badly that I ve almost lost track on what am I suppose to do with this site for a moment. So it's time to get back on track on wrapping myself up and blog :) 

As killing as the weather may seems lately, it 's perfectly normal to call me a crazy bitch who still insist in wearing layers when others just wants to wear as minimalism as possibile. But my indulgence for blazer does not just end there, having an enormous affair with them doesn't seems to make me think it's a problem to put them on.

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