Christmas Wish List

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from left to right

1. Yves Saint-Laurent Chyc Fur Bag
2. Zara Sequin Clutch
3. Celine Two Tone Clutch
4. Alexander Wang Cher Siamese Leopard  Clutch
5. ASOS Clutch
6. Zara Large Snake Skin Clutch
7. Zara Skirt With Asymmetrical Splits
8. Zara Court Shoe with Mirrored Heel
9. Super Wedges V3
10. Theyskens' Theory Cross Strap Wedges in Genuine Leather
11. Balenciaga Metal Clipped Collar 
12. French Suede Stiletto in Genuine Leather
13. Christian Louboutin Studded Shoe
14. Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Dear Santa, send either one to me on my door step, will ya? 

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A little live journal here about a trip down to Singapore, and now i am starting to miss that small little island which is so close yet so far from me.I like the feel of walking along Orchard road and see how the city is filled with people walking around and building filled with unique architecture and concept. Ahh how i wish i could stay alil longer with more cash. Daumn, the shopping there is awesome. 

Met up Juen when i was there as well. All this while it was him visiting me back in KL so i guess is time that i play my part. That night was epic funny, how could you not know that there was an airline there -.-. Overall it was nice, might be going back soon :)

ALEXIS MAGAZINE Vol 008 2011 is out. Thanks Alexis :D

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Pretty Chase

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Hey pretty girls out there, i am sure when it comes to clothes and fashion, you wont want to miss out a good chance to know anything about it. Dont you?

Well let me introduce you to Pretty :)

Pretty Chase is basically a blogshop that sells practically any form of apparel ranging from dresses, top, blouse, bottoms and not to miss out accessories as well. With the courtesy Adverlets and Pretty Chase, I was lucky enough to received 3 garments from them. Thank you so much, because i truly love every single piece of it.

Pleated Dress in Red - RM69.90

I have to say this is one of my favorites among the three pieces. The color is striking and vibrant enough that makes the whole out come looks welcoming and eye catching as well. 

Flower Maxi Dress - RM53.90

Floral prints always brings out the summer and sunny feel. Dont you think so? :)

Dotted On Me in Tangerine - RM53.90

Moreover, Pretty Chase is also planning to make your 2012 a new kick start of the year filled with joy and happiness. This is because Pretty Chase is having their very own 2012 New year Giveaway. Giving a LongChamp bag the worth RM500.

However, there are a simple few steps required:

1) You need to shop and spend RM199
2) Share their 2012 New year Giveaway banner on your Facebook with your friends by tagging them [this double your chance to win the bag :) ]
3) Triple your chances to win if the friends you tagged like Pretty Chase on Facebook.
4) Lastly, you'll received a LONGCHAMP bag if you garnered the Most Chances.

P/s : The offer ends on 31 December 2011

Do visit their website for more information :

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Red Blazer : Kiss and Tell
Galaxy-print blouse : Kiss and Tell
Black Mary-Jane platform : Payless

Loving how i make full use of my holiday , every single day. :) It's the time to spend some quality times with my babies, since everyone is having holiday at the same time. Wearing one of the most beautiful pieces from Kiss and Tell latest collection, the galaxy print top and the vibrant and eye-catching red blazer by Kiss and Tell as well. Not to mention, i have also purchase a black platform for Payless. I guess i ll be shopping for heels more often after knowing that Payless sells, by far, the most cheapest and good quality heels ever. Its hard to resists knowing that it cost less than RM100. I bought it with no doubt since my previous Forever 21 Black Pumps is getting going .. died soon i guess. But no, i am still really to give up on that shoe yet. 

Hype yet?

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SugarPlum CandyFloss X GlamTags

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Remember in my previous post , i was wearing this necklace that had my name on it. Yeap it is from the one and only Glam Tags :)

I always wanted to have one like this, well i have to say Glam Tag did fulfilled my tempt and need of having one. Thanks Hweii  Chiee and Glam Tags ;)

What I like about the necklace was the quality itself and  it's timeless and  versatile in terms of fashion and its also a perfect gift as well.

The quality is good as it does not rust easily even when i am wearing it out the whole and sweat in the same time as well. 

It is timeless and versatile because you can wear it with a classic style look as well as edgy and rock style too. It just fits and suits perfectly well with any style that youre looking for. 

Besides that, it is a great to give it as a gift  if youre having a hard time and headache, thinking of what to get for your girlfriends, boyfriends or siblings. It's pretty, unique and unforgettable. 

Moreover, GlamTags doesn't only sells it in the form of necklace, they are also selling it in the form of rings, bangles and eye chain as well. Isnt it amazing !!

GlamTags provide the best service in mailing because they provide gift wrapping as well as card direct to teh recipient too.

So, loving any of it above ? Well Glam Tags will be having a facebook contest with over RM 2000+ worth of GlamTags vouchers to be won. SugarPlum Candy Floss teamed up with GlamTags to give RM10 discount off to my all blog readers. 

All you need to do is :
1. LIKE GlamTags Facebook HERE .

Do check GlamTags out by pressing on the two images below.

P/s :

You can enjoy RM10 off for all items you purchase at by using this code : amanda x glamtags.

Enjoy the treats :)

So, pamper yourself and get yourself one. :)

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Pretty Little Things

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"The beauty of a woman is in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair. Audrey Hepburn"

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