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Singlet : BSX | Snapback & Spike Boots : Sturm & Drum

I m finally back from Korea, can describe how extremely much hahah i miss that place now. As if I'm having a after-korea-withdrawal symptom and such symptom has lead me to indulge in so much korean drama this few days. I have to say, IT WAS AWESOMEE !! Lol Currently, i m absolutely addicted to The Master's Sun, owh dear its been a while since a korean drama catches my interest.

Korea was so great to me, to say whether is 6 days 5 nights enough for me ? Well it was pretty alright, despite I did not manage to cover alot of places but I was content that the list of places that I prepared for myself before going to Korea, hangs a tick at the side after I came back. I would say I pretty much went to the places that I was dying to go such as Stylenanda, YG Building (hehehe), and a few more places. I was so amazed with their culture, and I literally had a culture shock when I know that their shopping mall closes at 5 in the morning. Wow, dont you people ever sleep ???

As I roam the street of Myeongdong and Dongdameun, the streets was so lively with all the LED lights, the enormous crowd, the food stalls along the street and so many korean celebrity faces around ; I just love it. Owh one more thing, being a tourist in a country that you're totally not familiar with, walking 10,000 steps a day or more i required. The amount of walking me did, was pure madness. Not to mention, the amount of stairs they have, it was the worst nightmare for all the elderly. Other then that, Korea was just perfect, I m totally going back there with no doubt :)

So here's one of my purchase i brought from Korea. A BSX // G Dragon edition singlet that eventually turn into a dress. Nah, it's because XL was the only size left and I just needed to get it :)

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